Alice in Wonderland Cakes

mad hatter tea party cake by Cakes by Christine NY, Story by Mia Photography

An Alice in Wonderland cake is one of the most fun and fabulous cake themes to work on but also one of the most challenging, testing a decorator’s design skills, modelling skills, cake construction and technical skills.

Update: See our collection of Alice in Wonderland Cake Tutorials here.

This week we have a selection of some of the best and most magical Alice cakes created by international cake designers and decorators.

First up is an exquisite Alice in Wonderland cake by Cakes by Christine NY, created for a Mad Hatter tea party (image above by Story by Mia Photography). Alice cakes are usually designed with bold striking colours but Cakes by Christine have adapted the theme beautifully in a fabulous pastel colour palette.

Alice in Wonderland has become a popular theme for weddings and below, we have two unique designs by Sweet and Saucy Shop (left) and the The Hazelnut Bakery (right) with an understated, subtle nod to the Lewis Carroll tale.

Alice in Wonderland wedding cake by The Hazelnut Bakery right, Sweet and Saucy Shop left

The story of Alice and and one of its other leading character, the Mad Hatter, are two very versatile cake themes that work for lots of occasions and celebration types. Below, we have a stunning interpretation of the theme by the Riviera Couture Cake Company in an elegant antique style paired with soft pastels.

A beautiful vintage rose pattern features in the elegant celebration cake design (below right) by Kim Stubbins of Cake by Kim, Australia with a fabulous antique gold keyhole adding a fairytale touch,  perfect for a Mad Hatter themed tea party. (You’ll find lots more on teapot cakes including teapot tutorials in our features: Teapot Cakes, Part 1 and Teapot Cakes, Part 2).

Alice in Wonderland cakes, Mad Hatter tea party cakes by Riviera Couture Cake Co left, Cake by Kim right

A beautiful selection of Mad Hatter tea party cupcakes feature below by Sophia Mya Cupcakes, Melbourne and on the right, an exquisite antique style re-creation of the Alice in Wonderland story in a cake design by Rooney Girl Bakeshop.

Mad Hatter tea party cupcakes by Sophia Mya Cupcakes and cake by Rooney Girl Bakeshop

The ingenious Rosebud Cakes of Beverly Hills have created an exquisite wedding cake design (below left) capturing all the magic and characters of the Lewis Carroll classic in an elegant cream and ivory colour palette. On the left, sugar artist, Lynette Horning of Nice Icing had designed a cake full of character in her beautiful creation (below right).

Alice in Wonderland wedding cake by Rosebud Cakes left, Nice Icing right

Sugar artistry at its finest is represented in the work of Sweet As Sugar Cakes and Sweet Ruby Cakes (below left and right respectively) in their truly amazing Alice in Wonderland sugar models.

Alice in Wonderland cakes by Sweet As Sugar Cakes left and Sweet Ruby Cakes right

The Sweet as Sugar Cakes design at another angle (below right) and on the left, another spectacular work of sugar art and design by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

Mad Hatter tea party cake by Mike's Amazing Cakes left, Sweet as Sugar Cakes right

Magical and imaginative interpretations of the Alice in Wonderland theme feature below by Reva’s Sweet Art (left), Mike’s Amazing Cakes (right).

Alice in Wonderland cakes by Reva's Sweet Art left, Mike's Amazing Cakes right

Masters at work….the designs of Cakesalouisa and Catherine’s Cakery are showcased below left and right, respectively in their ingenious creations.

Alice in Wonderland cakes by Cakesalouisa left and Catherine's Cakery right

Fun and adventure shine through in the wonderfully crafted cake design below by Arty Crafty Cakes.

Alice in Wonderland cake by Arty Crafty Cakes

The magical topsy turvy world of Alice in Wonderland is re-created in cake in an awe-inspiring fashion below in a design showcased at the Silovoglio Cake Festival, Italy (image by Sabrina Pierantozzi Photography).

Alice in Wonderland cake from Silovoglio, Sabrina Pierantozzi Photography

Cake Revolution, London have created terrifically animated characters in their Alice in Wonderland cake creation below.

Alice in Wonderland cake by Cake Revolution, London

Another favourite from the cast of characters of the Alice in Wonderland tale, the grinning Cheshire Cat makes a fun and creative character cake with two excellent examples of creative sugarcraft below from Shani’s Sweet Creations (left) and cake sculpting supremos, Richard’s Cakes (right).

Alice in Wonderland cakes, Cheshire cat cakes by Shani's Sweet Creations left, Richard's Cakes right

The ever creative Verusca Walker demonstrates below how to make her fun and lively Cheshire Cat sprung cake topper below for a brilliant addition to your cake design.

Alice in Wonderland cake by Verusca Walker

Poor old Alice toppling down that rabbit hole creates the centrepiece of the two marvellous Alice in Wonderland cake creations by Mardie Makes Cakes (below left) and Artylicious Cakes (below right).

Alice in Wonderland Cakes by Mardie Makes Cakes left and Artylicious Cakes right

The full cast of characters from Alice in Wonderland are re-created in cupcakes by Verusca Walker (below left) and on the right, Cuppy and Cake have created a marvellous Mad Hatter tea party cake full of fun and whimsey.

Alice in Wonderland cupcakes by Verusca Walker, Mad Hatter tea party cake by Cuppy and Cake

A whimsical selection of Mad Hatter tea party cupcakes from Jade’s Cupcakes with excellent little details deftly created in miniature.

Alice in Wonderland cupcakes by Jade's Cupcakes

A beautiful Mad Hatter cake below by Alice Cakes for Pretty Witty Cakes, where you’ll find the full tutorial available to members.

Mad Hatter cake tutorial from Pretty Witty Cakes with Leesa Collins

The Cake Dutchess and It’s A Cake Thing by Johanee create magical interpretations of the Wonderland classic in two beautifully imaginative designs below, left and right respectively.

Alice in Wonderland cakes by The Cake Dutchess left, It's A Cake Thing by Johanee right

A beautiful 1st birthday cake in the Alice in Wonderland theme features below by Caking It Up, Australia.

Alice in Wonderland Cake by Caking It Up

And as a 21st birthday theme, Alice in Wonderland makes an excellent party cake for young ladies, guaranteed to make an unforgettable birthday centrepiece with two picture perfect designs by Rosie Cake Diva (below left) and Bake-A-Boo Cake Design, New Zealand (right).

Alice in Wonderland 21st birthday cake from Bake-A-Boo left, Rosie Cake Diva right


For instructions on how to make a simple Mad Hatter tiered cake design, check out Zoe Clark’s book here Cake Decorating at Home.

Mad Hatter cake by Zoe Clark

To learn how to create whimsical style “topsy turvy” cakes, check out cake master Colette Peter’s class on Craftsy on Crooked Cakes.

Colette was the originator of the “topsy turvy” cake design and in this class she takes you through designing, carving and securely assembling the cake tiers as well as her trademark whimsical cake decorating style, including her quilled cake decorations. Check out the full details here:  A New Take On Crooked Cakes with Colette Peters.

quilling cake decorating tutorial and topsy turvy cake design on Craftsy

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