Art Deco Wedding Cakes

art deco wedding cake by GC Couture Cakes

Art Deco wedding cakes are one of the hottest design trends in cake decorating this year with the popularity of 1920’s style weddings inspired by the movie, Gatsby. The art deco style of architecture reached its zenith in the 1920’s & 30’s and featured bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. It’s influence can be seen in the design of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings in New York.

Although the art deco period favoured rich colours, many wedding cake designers have chosen to interpret the style in the more classical bridal colours of white and ivory in their designs.  GC Couture Cakes stunning interpretation above is a perfect example, with elegant folds of fondant creating structure and formality for a unique and sophisticated wedding cake design.

Below, Sweet Cakes by Rebecca have created a ultra feminine design with the Art Deco influence seen in its clean lines, hexagonal shape and design motifs (image via Something Turquoise by Rochelle Wilhelms Photography).

art deco wedding cake by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca via Something Turquoise dot com_Rochelle_Wilhelms_Photography_great_gatsby_wedding_inspiration

Anne Heap of Pink Cake Box never fails to inspire with her fabulous sugar work and has created the superb white on white art deco masterpiece, below left ( inspired by a design previously featured in Martha Stewart Living).

To the right, we have another outstanding wedding cake which would make a perfect centrepiece for an art deco themed wedding, this time by Sweet Element (below right).

art deco wedding cakes by Pink Cake Box left and Sweet Element right

 Tiers of Joy Cakes Reno have designed a beautiful tribute to art deco design in their 1920’s inspired wedding cake below (via Reno Magazine).

art deco wedding cake by Tiers of Joy Cakes Reno

Muted grey provides a sophisticated backdrop for ivory art deco motifs in the wedding cake below (as photographed by Neil Boyd Photography).

below,art deco wedding cake as photoed by Neil Boyd Photography

Clean lines and geometric fan shapes, hallmarks of the art deco period, feature in the two elegant wedding cake designs below again by Sweet Element (left) and Cakes Decor contributor, Cake Witch (right).

art deco wedding cakes by Sweet Element left and Cake Witch on Cakes Decor right

The stylish and smart art deco wedding cake design below with elegant, structured pleats and classic art deco motifs is the wonderful work of Shauna Austin of City Girl Cakes. (For more on pleated cakes, see our feature: Pleated Cake Designs.)

art deco wedding cake by City Girl Cakes

Cakes by Beth have designed a stunning winter wedding cake that very imaginatively combines both a winter wonderland theme with art deco design features (below, image by Alex Davies Photography).

art deco wedding cake in Winter Wonderland theme by Cakes by Beth, Alex Davies Photography

Below is a towering showpiece cake from Top Nosh Cakes UK that perfectly captures the glamour and the drama of the art deco period.  A simple detail like setting the cake on multiple “stepped” cake boards really adds to the wow factor of this cake design.

art deco wedding cake from Top Nosh Cakes UK

LA’s Superfine Bakery bring a touch of art decor grandeur to their 1920’s wedding cake design with luxurious gold accents and damask detailing (via Wedding Chicks with Krista Mason Photography).

art deco wedding cake by Superfine Bakery via Wedding Chicks with Krista Mason Photography

The exquisite wedding cakes below perhaps capture the art deco spirit in its truest form with lavish ornamentation and rich colours. The opulent design on the left by Nom Nom Sweeties (as featured in Cake Central Magazine) features pretty fringing detail at the bottom, remininisent of the “flapper” style dress popular at the time. To add fringe detail to your own 1920’s themed cake, ou’ll find a great tutorial here from Rachel Teufel of Intricate Icings: fringing cake tutorial.

Lael Cakes have designed the very smart and structured wedding cake to the right in a classic black, gold and white colour palette.

art deco cake by Nom Nom Sweeties (left) and by Lael Cakes (right)

Bold geometric patterns capture the drama of the period in a another fabulous design by Lael Cakes (below left), with metallic jewelled ornamentation featuring in the design to the right by Jan Kish Cake Design (right).

art deco wedding cakes

The art deco period favoured striking colours and the two wedding cakes below encapsulate this trend pefectly with a jade and gold art deco design below left (via Dubai wedding blog, Lace in the Desert) and a lavish jewelled wedding cake in emerald green by Wendy Kromer (via Martha Stewart Weddings) below right.

art deco wedding cakes via Lace-in-the-Dessert-left-and-via-Martha Stewart Weddings -right

To get started on your own art deco masterpiece, you’ll find some art deco design templates here to work from.

Advertisement: Craftsy also have an online class by Lindy Smith teaching art deco inspired cake design: Cake Design Made Simple: Art Deco with Lindy Smith

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