Bas Relief Cake Decorating

bas relief cake designs by Maggie Austin Cake

Bas relief is a fabulous technique for cake decorating that has been brought to the fore by the innovative cake designs of US designer, Maggie Austin. Bas relief is a term borrowed from the art of sculpture and refers a pattern that is raised up from the surface of a piece of art.

Two fine examples of Maggie’s bas relief work are featured above and below, created using her own custom bas relief moulds. But to create your own bas relief cake designs, any mould can be used the back of which is flat and can be adhered d to the surface of your cake with royal icing.

bas relief wedding cake design by Maggie Austin

Bas relief as used in cake decorating creates a wonderful illusion of the design having been”carved” from the cake surface and is especially effective when the same colour is used in both the background and the bas relief pattern, with a beautiful example below from Ms. B’s Cakery, Hong Kong.

bas relief cake decorating by Ms. B's Cakes

Perfect Endings, California have created the wonderful floral patterned bas relief design below (image by Jose Villa).

bas relief wedding cake design by Perfect Endings, photo by Jose Villa

While the designers featured above have been inspired by nature in their choice of bas relief designs, Canada’s Nadia & Co. Art & Pastry feature baroque style motifs in their ornate wedding cake creation below.

bas relief wedding cake design baroque style by Nadia & Co.

A close-up of one of Maggie Austin’s signature bas relief designs below.

bas relief wedding cake decorating by Maggie Austin

Below, the dogwood rose cake design from the Maggie Austin Cake collection in close-up:


..and in even closer detail.

bas relief cake design from the Dogwood cake by Maggie Austin

The Artful Caker, Sydney has also incorporated vines and autumn berries in there bas relief decorated cake below.

bas relief cake by The Artful Caker

T Bakes, Portugal have created marvellously intricate bas relief detailing in one of their outstanding designs below.

bas relief cake by T Bakes

Further extravagant and luxurious bas relief cake detailing from the sugar art of Maggie Austin.

bas relief cake design by Maggie Austin

Blossombelle Cakes, Melbourne have created this magnificent ivory vintage design below using floral bas relief detailing.

bas relief cake design by Blossombelle Cakes

Swiss cake artist, Panel7124 on Cake Central, has created a beautiful bridal design below with bas relief roses and floral details, with a beautifully textured central tier.

bas relief cake design by Panel7124 on Cake Central

Luxuriant grape vines are amongst the opulent details in the two exquisite bas relief decorated cakes below from Spain’s Viva La Tarta (left) and Cake Heart, Canada (right).

Viva La Tarta left and Cake Heart, Winnipeg right

Berries and acorns feature in the autumnal inspired design below left by Nadia & Co. topped with a unique, floral cake topper. To the right, Australia’s Blissfully Sweet Cakes have put their own unique stamp on antique bas relief styling by adopting a pastel pink colour palette for an elegant, feminine design.

bas relief cake decoration from Nadia & Co left and Blissfully Sweet Cakes right

Oak leaves, acorns and the last flowers of summer feature in the stunning Maggie Austin bas relief design below (Emma Willetts Photography).

bas relief wedding cake by Maggie Austin, EmmaWilletts Photography

The Little Cake Patch have created a superbly elegant bas relief wedding cake design below with classical flourishes, a beautifully textured extended base tier and a statement sugar flower topper.

bas relief wedding cake by The Little Cake Patch

A woodland setting provides the perfect backdrop for the trio of ornate nature-inspired bas relief designs below from the Wild Orchid Baking Co.

bas relief cake design by The Wild Orchid Baking Co

A close-up of a wonderful design from Viva La Tarta incorporating moulded bird figures, perfect for a spring wedding cake.

bas relief cake by Viva La Tarta (2)

While bas relief decorating looks beautiful in a single colour, Lemon Tree Cakes, London demonstrate in their fabulous “Four Seasons” wedding cake below that adding colour to the raised pattern can also create a terrific effect.

bas relief cake decorating from Lemon tree cakes

Below, Sweetums Designer Cakes have created a beautiful floral design in “high relief”, a slightly more raised projection from the surface compared with “bas relief,” for a magnificent multi-dimensional effect.

bas relief cake decorating by Sweetums Designer Cakes

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Maggie Austin Craftsy class Decorating in Three Dimensions

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