Buttercream Flowers: Part 2

Buttercream flowers floral cakes by Better Cake

Flower garden cakes brimming full of exquisitely piped buttercream flowers are one of the most admired cake decorating styles of the moment, never failing to draw “oohs” and “aahs” for their amazingly life-like buttercream re-creations.

While it may take a little practice, being able to pipe fabulous garden flowers such as peonies, ranuncula and roses is a super satisfying cake skill to learn.

To inspire you on your journey, we have the latest in exquisite buttercream flower cakes for you this week.

Blending colours is one of the keys to getting it right with buttercream flower cakes, ideally sticking with one to two colours and adding tonal variations instead of additional colours. Better Cake gets it exactly right each time with two of their masterpiece buttercream flower cakes featured above.

Buttercream flowers floral wreath cake by The Flower Company Korea

Another master of the art is The Flower Company, Korea blending shades of purple and plum with grey-greens above.

Showcased below is the work of one of the originators of the buttercream flower garden cake, Liz Shim of Eat Cake Be Merry, with a spectacular purple tulip extravaganza in buttercream. (See details on Liz’s brand new buttercream flowers class on Craftsy at the end of this feature).

buttercream tulip flowers by Eat Cake Be Merry

Alice Cake mixes it up with an array of garden flowers piped in miniature on these stunning little cupcake delights, below. On the right,  beautifully cupped peonies are blended with frillier textures and tiny flowerbuds in an exquisite floral wreath cake from Better Cake.

Buttercream flowers cupcakes by Alice Cake left, Better Cake right

Christine McKenzie of The Cocoa Cakery captures the delicate petals of the peony perfectly in her pretty buttercream flower cake below left, with a sprinkling of golden sanding sugar adding a stylish finishing touch. On the right, Veranda Studio’s cottage garden inspired cupcakes feature a delightful medley of dahlia, ranuncula, primroses and lilac.

buttercream flowers by The Cocoa Cakery left, Veranda Studio Cake right

Pale pinks, creams and and white anemones create a beautiful palette of muted shades in the pretty boxed cake below from Eat Cake Be Merry. On the right, clusters of cupped peonies and ranuncula in the most exquisite shade of periwinkle and cream create a dreamy buttercream floral wreath cake from Better Cake.

buttercream flowers cake by Eat Cake Be Merry left, Better Cake right

Buttercream peonies piped to perfection make the most scrumptious cupcake topping below by The Cocoa Cakery.

buttercream peonies by The Cocoa Cakery

As far as smash cakes go, this is certainly one of the most sophisticated Cake Geek has seen, for a discerning little customer of Miso Bakes – another of the originators of the buttercream flower garden cake trend.

On the right, another of The Cocoa Cakery’s buttercream confections – a pretty monogrammed cake with trailing buttercream florals in a beautiful muted palette.

buttercream flowers smash cake by Miso Cake left, buttercream flowers wedding cake by The Cocoa Cakery right

Yellow centres add a striking design element to these buttercream garden roses with peeping flowerbuds and hints of foliage accentuating the garden style of these beautiful cupcakes by Eat Cake Be Merry

buttercream flower cupcakes by Eat Cake Be Merry

Liz Shim’s immaculately piped ranuncula feature below (left), with another sensational buttercream floral wreath design from Better Cake, right.

buttercream ranuncula by Eat Cake Be Merry left, cake right by Better Cake

Peaches and pinks blended with creams and whites and are definite hit when it comes to buttercream flowers – as demonstrated by Better Cake below.

Buttercream flowers flower garden cakes by Better Cake

Mulit-tonal pinks blended with hints of garden greens add a burst of summer to this pretty flower garden cake from Sugar Flower Creations by Nicky Lamprinou.

buttercream flowers by Sugar Flower Creations Nicky Lamprinou

More bright pinks blended with green feature below from buttercream stars Eat Cake Be Merry (right) and Erica O’Brien (right).

buttercream flower wreath cake by Eat Cake Be Merry left, Erica O'Brien right

An exquisite array of blooms in fabulous shades feature on these floral cupcakes from Make Fabulous Cakes, below left. (See ad panel at the end of this feature for details on Make Fabulous Cakes online buttercream flowers class).

Mesmerizing blues and creams create an ethereal garden cake from Better Cake, below right.

Buttercream flower cupcakes from Make Fabulous Cakes left, cake right from Better Cake

Periwinkle blues and pinks and an array of lemons, peaches and cream make up the stunning colour palettes of these two Better Cake designs below.

buttercream flower cakes from Better Cake

Another stunning palette – this time in pale blue, peaches and and cream – features below left from Better Cake, while on the right, Lismi Wong of Bites, New Zealand adds a simple row of piped buttercream roses to wonderful effect on this peach toned cake below.

Buttercream flowers cakes by Better Cake left, by Bites With A Healthy Twist right

A breathtaking display of spring fresh tulips in lemons and peach make a sumptuous buttercream flower garden cake by Eat Cake Be Merry, with a beautiful complementary toned pin-striped side design below.

buttercream tulips cake by Eat Cake Be Merry


For more on the latest buttercream techniques and finishes (including her pinstriped buttercream technique), check out Erica O’Brien’s Better Buttercream classes on Craftsy below.

Buttercream techniques tutorials with Erica O'Brien

Learn to create beautiful buttercream flowers here on Make Fabulous Cakes below (featured below).

Buttercream Flowers Class

You’ll find more buttercream flowers classes online with Crafty’s Fresh Arrangements: Buttercream & Beyond class (below left) and Buttercream Basics teaching the pretty buttercream flowers cake and piped buttercream messages (below right).

Buttercream Flowers tutorials and writing in icing on Craftsy

New from Liz Shim is her online buttercream flowers class for Craftsy, below. Get al the details here: Buttercream in Bloom.

Buttercream Flowers tutorial by Liz Shim

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