Buttercream Flowers: Part 1

buttercream David Austen roses or cabbage roses and buttercream ranuncula by Eat Cake Be Merry

Buttercream is well and truly back with beautiful, botanical style piped buttercream flowers leading the revival in buttercream art.

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Championed by the buttercream artistry of The Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, Bona Ceri Floral Cakes, Eat Cake Be Merry, Miso Bakes & Erica O’Brien, the resurgence in popularity of buttercream flowers has seen the development of floral buttercream piping to levels of Chelsea Flower Show-worthy splendour.

Beautifully piped David Austen Roses/English roses and ranuncula (above) by Liz Shim of Eat Cake Be Merry showcase the level of artistry that has been achieved in floral buttercream piping.

Another of Liz’s superb creations with couture buttercream dahlia and roses features below.

dahlia cake in buttercream by Eat Cake Be Merry

(Advertisement: New from Liz Shim is her online buttercream flowers class for Craftsy: Buttercream in Bloom.

Buttercream Flowers tutorial by Liz Shim

Designer Erica O’Brien trims her beautiful one tier cake below with a charming garland of piped hydrangea, the tutorial for which Erica shares here: Project Wedding.

piped buttercream hydrangea cake tutorial by Erica O'Brien on Project Wedding

For more buttercream piping tutorials see:

(Advertisement: Learn to make these beautiful buttercream flower garden cakes below in Make Fabulous Cakes’ online class – Make Fabulous Buttercream Flowers).

Buttercream Flowers Class

Below, Miso Bakes dips into a breath-taking late summer palette with a gorgeous array of dusty pink and lilac buttercream flowers.

buttercream flowers in lilacs and pinks by Miso Bakes

Sprigs of tiny blossoms intermingled with full size flower heads of amazing piped ranuncula and David Austen roses bring a stylish botanical twist to the buttercream cake (below left) by Miso Bakes.

Muted, buttercream flower garlands are a fabulous addition to any luxurious bake – an especially gorgeous colour palette to top a chocolate ganached creation (below right).

buttercream flowers chocolate cake and buttercream flowers floral garland cake by Miso Bakes

Erica O’ Brien demonstrates that bright colours can be astoundingly elegant, in her delicate floral buttercream wedding cake below (image by Eric Brushett via The Cake Blog).

buttercream floral wedding cake by Erica O'Brien via the Cake Blog, image Eric Brushett

Mixed bouquets of buttercream flowers adorn these two terrific baked delights by Eat Cake Be Merry (below left) and Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes (right).

buttercream flowers cakes by Eat Cake Be Merry left, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes right

Simplicity is key in Villa Perlesukker’s monochrome, buttercream flower border (below left), while an amazing level of floral detail is the hallmark of the Queen of hearts Couture Cakes’ intricate floral work (below right).

buttercream flowers cakes by Villa Perlesukker left, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes right

Stylish shades of peach give a pretty, vintage touch to Eat Cake Be Merry’s enchanting buttercream garlands below.

buttercream flowers in peach by Eat Cake Be Merry

Clusters of buttercream hydrangeas adorn this sensational pair of cupcakes by Bonaceri Floral Cakes.

buttercream hydrangea cupcakes by Bona Ceri Floral Cakes

Trailing leaves add a beautiful garden style elegance to this elegant rose topped birthday cake by Miso Bakes (below).

buttercream flowers by Miso Bakes piped roses and vines

A beautiful spectrum of colour from shell pink to lavender makes a fabulous colour palette for the garden of buttercream flowers below by Eat Cake Be Merry (left) and Miso Bakes (right).

buttercream peonies and buttercream ranunculas by Eat Cake Be Merry left, Miso Bakes right

A unique colour scheme of peaches, lilacs and bluesbrings adds a contemporary look to this stylish floral buttercream wedding cake – another fabulous floral design by Miso Bakes (image by Sylvia G Photography).

buttercream flowers wedding cake by Miso Bakes, Syliva G Photography

Dusky pink and periwinkle blue create a wonderfully old-fashioned palette for this exquisite impressionistic, floral wedding cake by Pursuit of Pastry (below left). The buttercream dahlias and roses of Freshly Squeez’d (below right) continue this elegant colour scheme in their beautifully crafted cupcakes.

impressionist floral wedding cake by Pursuit of Pastry on Flickr left, buttercream dahlia and rose cupcakes by Freshly Squeez'd right

A circlet of pastel piped flowers tops the pretty lemon cake (below left) from Ardor and Bliss – perfect for a springtime bash. On the right, Bonaceri Floral Cakes create an ultra feminine buttercream masterpiece with light and frilly, lilacs, pinks and peaches (below right).

buttercream flowers cakes by Ardor and Bliss left, Bona Ceri Floral Cakes, right

Two of Bonaceri Floral Cakes original, inspirational buttercream artworks feature below – a pastel garden of splendid buttercream bouquets.

buttercream flowers in pastels by Bona Ceri Floral Cakes

Eat Cake Be Merry’s dusky pink and cream tones create a subtle, sophisticated pairing below, with black-centred anemones adding a contemporary touch.

buttercream flowers by Eat Cake Be Merry

A row of beautifully crafted buttercream dahlia, ranuncula and peony cupcakes from a chic collection from Freshly Squeez’d.

buttercream flower cupcakes dahlia cupcakes and buttercream rose cupcakes by Freshly Squeez'd

The Rolling Pin (Formerly J’Adore Cakes), Canada have created an amazing bouquet of buttercream delights in their beautiful cupcake gift presentation below – perfect for a special occasion. (For more on creating stylish buttercream bouquets and arrangements, see Craftsy’s class: Fresh Arrangements – Buttercream & Beyond).

buttercream dahlias and buttercream anemones cupcake bouquet by The Rolling Pin, Canada (formerly J'Adore Cakes)


Buttercream innovators, Christina Ong & Valeri Valeriano of the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes designed the beautiful cottage garden flower box cake below and have just launched the follow up to their bestselling book, The Contemporary Buttercream Bible this week with 100 Buttercream Flowers out now.

cottage garden cake by the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes

You can also watch Christina & Valeri demonstrate their buttercream flower piping skills plus lots more in their online class on Craftsy here: Unbelievable Buttercream Techniques.

Buttercream Piping Techniques with Christina Ong & Valerie Valeriano

For more on the latest buttercream techniques and finishes, check out Erica O’Brien’s Better Buttercream classes on Craftsy below.

Buttercream techniques tutorials with Erica O'Brien

Learn to create beautiful buttercream flowers on Make Fabulous Cakes, below.

Buttercream Flowers Class

You’ll find more buttercream flowers classes online with Crafty’s Fresh Arrangments: Buttercream & Beyond class (below left) and Buttercream Basics teaching the pretty buttercream flowers cake and piped buttercream messages (below right).

Buttercream Flowers tutorials and writing in icing on Craftsy

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