How to Pipe A Buttercream Petal Cake

buttercream petal cakes by glorious treats .com and from Catch My

A buttercream petal cake is a super sweet design for any occasion and very easy to create.   The two beautiful examples above are via Glorious Treats and Catch My Party, with two more pretty petal-piped cakes below by Blissfully Sweet Cakes by Jackie (via Style Me Pretty) and Couture Cupcakes & Cookies (via Amy Atlas blog), perfect for a wedding dessert table or as a christening cake.

petal piping buttercream petal cakes by Blissfully Sweet Cakes by Jacki  via Style Me Pretty and by Couture Cupcakes & Cookies via the Amy Atlas blog

To pipe buttercream petals, all you have to do is simply pipe a vertical row of buttercream dots.  Then use a palette knife or a rounded spoon handle to drag each of the dots to the right.  Start the next row of vertical dots and repeat.

Petal piping also works great for a tiered wedding cake, as the cake below left from MyCakeSchool shows.

Nyrak Green Cakes have created their own version of the petal cake below left, but turned on its side, which makes a great variation.

buttercream petal piping tutorial from My Cake left and Nyrak Green Cakes right

Petal piping is a cake design that looks beautiful in any colour, either pastels or bold colours.  The demonstration pictures below are from one of our favourite baking blogs, Butter Hearts Sugar.

buttercream petal cake tutorial by Butter Hearts Sugar. com

While petal piping looks beautiful in just one shade, if you want to step it up a notch, you can create an ombre design using three different shades. The blue ombre cake below is by The Hungry Housewife and the pink cake is by Butter Hearts Sugar.

buttercream petal piping and cake by the hungry housewife .combuttercream petal cake in pink ombre colours from Butter Hearts Sugar Blog

For more on buttercream piping and designs, see:

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For more on the latest buttercream techniques, check out Erica O’Brien’s Better Buttercream classes on Craftsy below.

Buttercream techniques tutorials with Erica O'Brien

Learn to create beautiful buttercream flowers on Make Fabulous Cakes, below.

Buttercream Flowers Class

You’ll find more buttercream flowers classes online with Crafty’s Fresh Arrangements: Buttercream & Beyond class (below left) and Buttercream Basics teaching the pretty buttercream flowers cake and piped buttercream messages (below right).

Buttercream Flowers tutorials and writing in icing on Craftsy

And if you want to take your buttercream art skills to a whole other level, then check out buttercream superstars, Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong’s classes: Innovative Buttercream Cakes & Unbelievable Buttercream Techniques.

buttercream art tutorial on Craftsy from the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes

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