Personalised Cakes with Simple & Pretty Name Plaques

cake name plaques by Couture Cupcakes and Torta Couture

A name plaque placed on the front of your beautiful cake creation adds an instant touch of chic to any cake design.  It’s fast over-taking lettering on the cake board (with the birthday boy or girl’s name) as the finishing touch of choice amongst some of the world’s top cake artists.

Sugar plaques can be made using just a simple round, oval cutter or garret frill cutter.  Shaped plaque cutters with more detailed borders can be found in your local cake decorating store. The beautiful cakes above are by Couture Cupcakes Australia (above left) and  Torta Couture Cakes (above right), while the stunning cakes below are also by Couture Cupcakes (Australia).

cake name plaques by couture cupcakes

Also, while it is probably pretty obvious to most (it wasn’t unfortunately for Cake Geek when we first tried this!), add your lettering or piping to the plaque AFTER you’ve secured it to the side of the cake (not before, or you’ll make a mess of your beautiful piping/lettering.)

A name plaque on the side looks particularly striking on a two-tier cake and we have two beautiful examples below by Couture Cupcakes Australia (below left) and Hello Naomi Cakes (below right).  The Couture Cupcakes cake features a pretty doile plaque which you can make by using a piping nozzle/tip to cut out circles from the frilled edge of plaque cut using a garret frill cutter. (For more on chevron-patterned cakes, see our feature here.)

And finally, two super chic tiered cakes by Sugarbelle Cakes (Canada) and Bella Cupcakes (NZ), both exquisitely designed.

name plaque cakes by Sugarbelle Cakes & Bella Cupcakes

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