Cake Style: Customised Cake Boards

covered cake boards and cakes by Daantjes Taarten left and The Designer Cake Co. right

To really give your cakes that extra touch of chic, then check out the amazing finishing touch Daantjes Taarten and The Designer Cake Company give their cake designs above (left and right, respectively) with exquisite customised cake boards to complement the overall design.

It’s an almost effortless touch of elegance that can really adds value to your cake creations and luxury confectionery.

And like all our favourite cake design tricks – it’s super simple to do. You Doily Cake Boards Sweetness and Brightcan work with patterned paper, gift wrap, wallpaper, fabric or even lace to cover your base cake board. Cover the surface of the board with adhesive then place it face down on your patterned paper and the edges as shown before gluing into place underneath the board. Then repeat the process again to cover over the paper/fabric with clear contact paper. Your cake will be on a cake card and secure this to your base cake board as per your usual method.

covered cake boards from Artylicious Cakes left and via Huggies right

Customised cake boards add an extra design element to the two great children’s cakes above from Artylicious Cakes (left) and via Huggies (right).

Sweetness and Bite have created the very pretty selection of doile covered cake boards below.

Doily Cake Boards Sweetness and Bright

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