Cake Toppers & Tutorials – Part 1

sitting cake topper tutorials from The Artisan Cake CompanyMaking figure model cake toppers can seem like a daunting task for new cake decorators but with a bit of practice, it soon becomes a rewarding and enjoyable skill and one you’ll put to lots of use in your cake decorating.

Starting out, learn the basics of cake topper modelling from the experts, but as you progress you’ll begin to develop your own style, with unique facial expressions, hairstyles and postures bringing your characters to life.

For beginners, you’ll find an excellent tutorial here from Eat The Evidence to get you started: cake topper tutorial for beginners (sitting male figure).

The wonderful Artisan Cake Company has made an excellent series of cake topper tutorials, including the figures above :

The Artisan Cake Company also created the terrific footballer cake topper below, which is an excellent cake topper to have in your portfolio for cakes for boys and men.

footballer cake topper soccer player sitting cake topper by The Artisan Cake Company

Another great cake topper below for men’s cakes from Cake Design Brazil and you’ll find the tutorial here: cake topper tutorial/construction worker cake.

construction worker cake topper tutorial sugar model via cakedesign. .br

Below, you’ll find a standing cake topper picture tutorial for a teenager or young man, courtesy of Serbia’s  Minjina Kuhinjica.

cake topper tutorial via Minjina Kuhinjica

Bake Happy have also put together a great set of cake topper tutorials, starting with the little boy below: boy cake topper tutorial (standing).

boy cake topper tutorial from Bake Happy

A little girl cake topper by Bake Happy below: girl standing cake topper tutorial.

little girl cake topper tutorial by Bake Happy

The little girl cake topper below left is by Mimicafe NY and you’ll find the tutorial here: girl cake topper tutorial (sitting).

Below right is a super cute cake topper idea from Peace of Cake Design that could be adapted for a teenager’s cake, a 21st birthday cake or even as part of a bride and groom topper.

girl cake topper tutorial by Mimicafe NY left and simple cake topper idea by Peace of Cake Design right

Fantasticakes by Cecile have made a tutorial for their terrific “Parisienne girl” sugar model (below left) which you’ll find here: teenager cake topper/girl cake topper (sitting).

Another great girl cake topper (below right) with tutorial via De Leukste Taarten, NL: girl cake topper/teenager cake topper.

girl cake topper tutorial by Fantasticakes by Cecile left and image right via Pinterest

Two more fabulous sets of cake toppers below by Mutlu Dukkan Cakes (below left) and a fashionista cake topper by Madame Gateau, below right to inspire you.

teenager cake toppers by Mutlu Dukkan Cakes left and fashionista cake topper by Madame Gateau right

Faces can be tricky to get right when you start out modelling sugar figures and cake toppers. For beginners, it’s best to keep it to very simple with easy cartoon-style faces.  As your skills develop, you can work on your facial features more. Deleukste Taarten NL demonstrate how to make the detailed young female face below, in their tutorial here : female face cake topper tutorial.

cake topper face via Deleukste Taarten NL

Playing around with hairstyles is the most fun part of making cake toppers and you’ll find some hairstyle ideas below by Canada’s, House of The Rising Cake.

cake topper hairstyles by House of The Rising Cake

More inspiration from The Artisan Cake Company with their two fabulous baby shower cake toppers below.

cake topper tutorial baby shower pregnant lady by The Artisan Cake Company

Elaine Thomas of Creative Celebration Cakes UK has put together some tutorials on the trickier aspect of modelling sugar figures/cake toppers:

(Images below by Creative Celebration Cakes, UK).

Sugar artist, Deb Wood has also made a tutorial on modelling arms and hands: cake topper tutorial – modelling arms and hands.

And you’ll find a tutorial here on modelling ladies’ legs for cake toppers by Molly Coppini.

cake topper tutorials from Creative Celebration Cakes UK

The fun cupcakes below – cupcake faces – were created by Bake Happy and their tutorial provides lots of inspiration and tips to help you create faces for your sugar models and cake toppers also: tutorial for cupcake faces.

face modelling tutorial cupcake faces via Bake Happy

We have more terrific cupcakes faces below left by Shereen’s Cakes and Bakes, designed for a little girl’s princess themed party.  You’ll find the full tutorial here, with tips you can adapt for your figure models: face cupcakes tutorial/princess cupcakes.

Below right, some ideas on painting eyes on a female cake topper (image via Pinterest).

face modelling tutorial cupcake faces by Shereen's Cakes and Bakes left and cake topper face tutorial via Pinterest

Below, we have another picture tutorial on painting eyes from Kidacity.

Sweetopia also have a tutorial on making eyes for your cake toppers: cake topper eyes tutorial.

You’ll find a tutorial here also from cake topper expert, Tal Tsafrir, on painting eyes for sugar models: cake topper eyes tutorial.

cake topper eyes tutorial royal icing eyes from Sweetopia

Spain’s Berna Garcia of Ilusiona Cakes (via Revista Sweet Crew) shows how to create the cake topper hairstyle below in her tutorial here: cake topper fringe hairstyle tutorial.

This hairstyle is perfect for young men/teenage cake toppers, but is actually a female hairstyle…! (Berna goes on to add a side swept ponytail in the tutorial).

For a ladies’ hair tutorial, you’ll find one here on creating long blonde hair for cake toppers: cake topper hair tutorial (long blonde).

cake topper hairstyle men and boys by Sweet Crew

Coming Up Next: Cake Toppers Part 2Bride and Groom Cake Toppers.


Craftsy have three great cake topper classes including Cake Topper Techniques by Anne Heap of the famed Pink Cake Box.  You’ll find more details here: Craftsy Cake Topper Techniques Class


Plus Brenda Walton of Sugar High’s excellent class: Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step (w/ Brenda Walton).

cake topper tutorial

And from Rosie Cake-Diva: Playful Cake Toppers.

Cake Topper Tutorials - Playful Styles by Rosie Cake Diva on Craftsy 600px

And from Joly Diaz of Viva La Cake – Sweet Success Kids Cake Toppers – for modelling babies, kids & tweens in sugar!

Kids Cake Toppers tutorials with Joly Diaz

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