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3D car cakes by Bake A Boo Cake design left and McGreevy Cakes right

After the last two weeks of doll cakes and princess castle cakes, it’s time to turn our attention to cakes for boys. There’s no better birthday cake for a boy – whether a little one or a grown-up one – than a fantastic 3D car cake. And we have two of the best above with a snazzy red Lightning McQueen car from Bake A Boo Cake Design  (left) and a super hot sports car from McGreevy Cakes (right).

We have some great car cake tutorials for you starting with a Ferrari car cake tutorial here from Cakes Step by Step (below).

car cake tutorial Ferrari by Cakes Step by Step

Cake Fu also have a super cool muscle car cake tutorial below by Sweet Grace Cake Designs.

car cake tutorial by Sweet Grace Cake Designs on Cake Fu

Liz Marek of The Artisan Cake Co. has created the wonderful classic car cake below and shares her tutorial here: vintage car cake tutorial.

vintage car cake tutorial by Liz Marek of The Artisan Cake Co.

A classic of another kind, the much-loved Volkswagen Beetle, has been re-created in cake by Rhu Strand  by Pimp My Cake UK. Rhu has made her great tutorial available here: car cake tutorial VW Beetle.

car cake tutorial VW Beetle by Pimp My Cake UK

For those new to cake sculpting, the handy chart below will give you a good idea of the general shape you need to cut to create a car cake, plus you’ll find the rest of the details on this car cake design from here: car cake tutorial.

car cake scultping cutting guide from Parenting.comVerusca Walker demonstrates how to recreate Disney’s Dinoco car cake here: car cake tutorial.

car cake tutorial by Verusca Walker

And Ann Reardon of How To Cook That shows how to make her Lightning McQueen cake here: car cake tutorial.

car cake tutorial Lightning McQueen by How To Cook That

Below, you’ll find a simple picture guide for a Lightning McQueen car cake (uncredited via Pinterest) and you’ll find more tutorials for car cakes for little boys at the following links:

car cake tutorial Lightning McQueen via Pinterest

Plus, you’ll find more great tutorials here:

Below, the Zuccheri Amo blog show how to create a classic white fiat:

car cake tutorial white fiat from the Zuccheri Amo blog

Verusca Walker has created two of her great picture tutorials below for a VW camper van (left) and a saloon style car (right).

van cake tutorial & car cake tutorial by Verusca Walker

And if it’s a Formula 1 fan you’re baking for, Zuccheri Amo have another great tutorial below for their Ferarri race car. For a race car cake topper, check out Cake Journal’s tutorial.

Formula 1 car cake tutorial by Love Sugar Cakes Artistische

You’ll also find a great picture tutorial here for a Jeep wrangler from Yes It’s Cake: Jeep tutorial. And the Jessicakes blog has a brilliant monster truck tutorial right here.

Advertisement: Finally, if you’re eager to learn more on car cake engineering right down to the fine details, check out Mike McCarey’s brilliant class on Craftsy. Find out more here: Classic Car, Timeless Techniques by Mike McCarey

Car cake tutorial vintage car by Mike McCarey on Craftsy

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