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carousel-cake-or-merry-go-round-cake-by-Bobette-Belle-left and by Cute-Cakes-via-Wedding-Chicks right.jpg

Vintage carousel cakes or merry-go-round cakes are one of the biggest cake trends at the moment in cake decorating and it’s not hard to see why.  Their old world charm enchants both children and adults alike and they make for a very luxurious celebration cake for a christening for children’s birthday party.

Our exquisite examples above are by Bobbette & Belle (left) and Cute Cakes. The design by Cute Cakes in particular is very clever in how it uses a simple three tier design to create a carousel using a narrower middle tier surrounded by carousel horses and topped with a third tier without the need to create a shaped canopy.

If you do love the shaped canopy design, then cake maestro Verusca Walker takes you through the process using card in her carousel cake tutorial here (featured below).

carousel cake tutorial by Verusca Walker

The Mamma Wears Prada blog also has a carousel cake tutorial (featured below left), as does the Sweetie Darling blog (featured below right): carousel cake tutorial.

carousel cake tutorial by Mama Wears Prada left, carousel cake tutorial by Sweetie Darling right

For more ideas on creating card and foamcoare carousel canopies, see the following tutorials:

If you want to create a carousel canopy from cake, have a look at Serious Cakes tutorial here: carousel cakes tutorial. Plus, there are some more step-by-step instructions here on carving a cake canopy for a carousel cake from Tarttokig.

For a super simple carousel cake, Fiona Cairns has full instructions for her card carousel topper (below left) in her book:  The Birthday Cake Book.

Even simpler still is to finish a cake with the Wilton carousel cake set (below right) which includes the plastic canopy, pillars and horses. The set is re-usable over and over again and is available to purchase here: Wilton Carousel Cake Set.

carousel-cakes-from-Fiona-Cairns-via-Pinterest-left-and from Wilton right

Karen Davies has a great silicone horse mouldavailable which is perfect for carousel cakes – as well as instructions to make a full carousel cake in her book A Cake for Models or Moulds 2.

horse mould and carousel cake from Karen Davies

As for design inspiration, we have two more beautiful vintage style carousel cakes below by Cake Central contributor Shaz1147 (left) and by Burcin Birdane (right).

carousel-cakes or merry-go-round cakes by Shaz1147-on-Cake-Central left and by Burcin Birdane right

For more inspiration, we have a pretty pink and blue candy-style carousel cake or merry-go-round cake by Sweet Tweets Cakery via the Amy Atlas blog.

carousel cake or merry-go-round cake by Sweet Tweet Bakery

Below, Cakes Decor contributor Paul Delaney has created a classic vintage style carousel cake – the perfect centrepiece for a vintage sweet table or candy station.

merry go round cake by Paul Delaney on Cakes Decor

Below, we have two fabulous carousel cakes in shades of blue, perfect for a little boy’s birthday party with a vintage theme by Zoe Clark Cakes (left) and by Bubolinkata (right).

carousel cakes or merry-go-round cakes via Galyna's Edible Art on Pinterest (left) and by Bubolinkata right

Our final two cakes by Guilt Desserts (left) and via Tumblr (right) are both exquisite examples of beautifully sugarcrafted carousel cakes – fit for a prince or princess for their christening or birthday party.

carousel cakes from Guilt Desserts (left) and via Pinterest (right)


If you’d like to learn how to create the exquisite vintage style children’s cakes below, check out Jessica Harris’s class on Craftsy: Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes Designs with Jessica Harris.


Brenda Walton of Sugar High Inc aslo has a superb class on Craftsy for creating ultra cute children’s cakes and baby animal cake toppers. Get all the details here: Too Cute Toppers with Brenda Walton.

Too Cute Toppers by Brenda Walton on Craftsy

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