Dragonfly Cakes

Butterflies have always been a popular addition to summer wedding cakes and party cakes but we think their more interesting cousin - the dragonfly - makes an even more beautiful symbol of summer to add to your sugar art. Sweet As Sugar Cakes have added beautifully crafted dragonflies in the … [Read more...]

Antique Crown Cakes

Cake Geek was fully expecting to have a new baby Prince or Princess in the UK by now and so this week's feature was planned in his or her honour. But the little royal baby is keeping us all waiting, so in anticipation of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge having a healthy, happy new baby this week, … [Read more...]

Floral Framed Cakes

A monogrammed cake design has always been a classic, stylish cake choice but encircling the lettering with a floral frame adds an up-to-the-minute design element reflecting the current trend towards floral themes. In our feature cake above left by Petite Cerise, simple white blossoms add an … [Read more...]

The Magic of Edible Icing Sheets

Edible icing sheets printed with vintage floral patterns or striking contemporary designs are one of our favourite ways to add impact to a cake design. Paired with beautiful forals, you can create spectacular wedding cake designs and even create a cake that perfectly complements the artwork of a … [Read more...]

Vintage Accessories Cakes

Vintage style gumpaste gloves make a most elegant addition to the the two beautiful lace cakes above by Leslea Matsis Cakes, New Zealand. A Victorian style bridal parasol also makes an exquisite adornment by Leslea, this time as a wedding cupcake topper below, with a close-up of her blush pink … [Read more...]

Gumpaste Buds

The addition of flower buds to sugar flower bouquets has been one of the most chic and beautiful new trends in sugar floristry - a trend spearheaded by Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet with the publication of her excellent flower buds tutorials. Above, Jacqueline's fabulous peony buds are featured in … [Read more...]

Banded Frill Cake Designs

Fondant frills have been a huge design trend in cake decorating this year. An interesting variation that has emerged is the banded frill, creating the illusion of a pretty fabric effect in the cake design. La Cupella Cake Boutique have created the exquisite wedding cake above. Wrapped in a lace … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Cakes & Tutorials – Part 1

Chalkboard cakes are becoming one of the most popular design requests for cake decorators, especially for the vintage-rustic style wedding. While chalkboard signage and papercrafts have been trending for weddings for a while now, it took the ingenuity of Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company to bring … [Read more...]

Wedding Cakes in Black

Black-tie has always been synonymous with stylish events, so when it comes to the latest wedding cake colour trends, black icing is sure to wow as the centrepiece of a glamorous wedding reception. Above we have two chic and elegant examples of black wedding cakes in fabulous, unique designs by … [Read more...]

Cube Cakes

With sharp edges having overtaken rounded curves in cake decorating design trends, the avant garde cake shape of the moment is the cube cake design, having been propelled into the cake fashion spotlight by the designs of Maggie Austin. Jorge Blanco of Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes is also a … [Read more...]