Easy Gumpaste Lavender Tutorial

Gumpaste lavender makes add a wonderful botanical feel to a sugar flower arrangement and is another great one to have in your repertoire to add a pretty finishing touch to your home bakes and cakes when fresh lavender is out of season (as well as gumpaste pansies which you’ll find a tutorial for … [Read more...]

How To Speed Up Ganaching & Frosting

We all love getting to the decorating stage of cake making, but a sharp, crisp edge and smooth base is essential before we do so. One of the more frustrating aspects of cake making is coating and re-coating your cake with frosting or ganache until you get it just right. But now you can cut down … [Read more...]

A Great Idea for 2017….

This Christmas why not give yourself the gift of a wonderfully relaxing new year when the clamor for festive cakes dies down, and enjoy the tutelage of multi-award winning international cake artist, Liz Marek on The Sugar Geek Show, her fabulous online cake decorating school. Learn some of the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Sports Cakes: Part 2

Following on from Sports Cakes for Father's Day Part 1, in Part 2 we're looking a sports from across the pond in the UK and international favourites, starting with Leslie's Cakes fabulously designed cricket cake above decked out with sporting emblems and beautiful "etched-effect" hand drawings, … [Read more...]

Christmas Cakes: Beautiful Designs

Whether rustic charm or seasonal elegance is your design preference for the holidays this year, we've got it all wrapped up this week when it comes to christmas cake design inspiration. Starting with Portugal's Have Some Sugar, Margarida Abecassis blends an elegant design motif with a rustic … [Read more...]

The Halloween Cake Tutorials Collection

With the kids gearing up for their Halloween parties at the end of the month, we've put together a selection of some of the best halloween cake and cake topper tutorials on the web to inspire your own creepy cake designs this year. Starting with the Made by Love by Me blog's haunting grim reaper … [Read more...]

Rustic Christmas Cakes & Winter Berry Cakes

Rustic style cake decorating really comes into its own for the festive season with an abundance of simple decorations to create that pared-down, natural look for holiday cakes. Frozen berries add a wonderful iced effect to a christmas dessert with a beautiful example (above left) by Laugh Love … [Read more...]

Coming Up: 9PM GMT – The Festival of Lights

Coming up tonight (9pm GMT): The Festival of Lights International Cake Collaboration - read the full story on Cake Geek Magazine. Update: The Festival of Lights Collaboration - Part 1 The Festival of Lights Collaboration - Part 2 … [Read more...]