Christmas Gingerbread Houses….And A Magical Christmas Village

gingerbread house christmas by Torte Jagode in Dinozavri left and candyland christmas cake in gingerbread right via Pinterest

A beautifully decorated Christmas gingerbread house never fails to bring out the big kid in us all and each year cake decorators seem to produce more and more beautiful designs.

Torte Jagode in Dinozavri have designed the candy pink festive creation featured above (left) and on the right, a spectacular candyland christmas cake is circled with seasonal gingerbread houses for a picture-perfect fairytale display (image via Pinterest).

Christmas gingerbread houses are a specialty of the sugar artists at De KoekenBakkers with a beautiful winter snow scene below.

gingerbread house Christmas scene by De Koeken Bakkers

(For tutorials on gingerbread houses, check out our previous feature here: How To Make A Gingerbread House.)

An extra festive touch is added to the wonderful creation below (left), illuminated by the warming glow of candlelight (image by ArtMama via

On the right, a beautifully decorated gingerbread house by Magical Cakes, New Zealand is finished with a festive red and white gingham bow.

candlelit gingerbread house by left, christmas gingerbread house by Magical Cakes NZ right

Sweets and candy in abundance adorn this storybook pretty gingerbread cottage by The Happy Little Baker, UK.

The Happy Little Baker

A magical tiered gingerbread house cake in an authentic alpine chalet style creates a spectacular christmas cake below left by Swiss cake artist, Cornelia Furrer of House of Kuchen. On the right, Pretty Sweet Treats by Nancy’s gingerbread creation is festooned with candy delights for a perfect festive sweet treat.

christmas gingerbread house by Pretty Sweet Treats by Nancy right, tiered gingerbread cake left via Pinterest

Bath Baby Cakes have created a elegant “Scandinavian chic” style christmas cake with a gingerbread house topper complemented by gingerbread cookies adding a coordinated side design.

Bird On A Cake never fail to come up with charming cake designs that are super simple to create including their gingerbread man cake below right.

christmas gingerbread cakes by Bath Baby Cakes left and Bird On A Cake right

A recent trend that has taken off in christmas gingerbread houses are gingerbread dwellings for our feathered friends. Two fabulous gingerbread birdhouse cakes for Christmas feature below by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca (left) and  Sweet Janis Sugar Art (right).

(See our earlier feature on Birdhouse Cakes for some excellent tutorials to help you create your own winter marvel this Christmas).

birdhouse cakes Christmas gingerbread by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca left, Sweet Janis Sugar Art right

Seasonal red and green bring classic christmas charm to the fabulous birdhouse iced cookie design below by SugarPearls on CakesDecor (below left), while Cake Central have a terrific tutorial for their delightful gingerbread birdhouse cake here by Hani Bacova of the Haniela’s Blog.

christmas birdhouse cake tutorial gingerbread on Cake Central right, by SugarPearls on CakesDecor left

Peggy Porschen brings her design magic to the gingerbread birdhouse cake in winter pastels (below left), while Magical Cakes NZ have decked out their beautiful christmas robin birdhouse cake with little touches of festive gingham again, below right.

gingerbread birdhouse cakes Christmas by Peggy Porschen left, Magical Cakes NZ right

Winter blue makes a fabulous colour choice for another of Sweet Janis Sugar Art’s seasonal birdhouse cakes (below left), while the originator of the birdhouse cake trend by Torie Jayne features below right in sparkling winter pastels.

christmas birdhouse cake gingerbread by Sweet Janis Sugar Art left, Torie Jayne right

Gingerbread houses and christmas robins are amongst the edible treasures you’ll find in the magical village of Frostington this Christmas – a fairytale village that magically exists in over 150 different pieces all over the world…..How can this be?

Over 150 sugar artists from around the globe joined forces to bake and decorate this mythical village, each creating a single piece in their kitchens and studios and finally all brought together in a single montage by the digital mastery of the Frostington Collaboration team to unveil “Christmas in Frostington”.

This feat of cake artistry has been worked on by cake elves the world over to raise money for three outstanding charities: the Alzeihmers Society in the UK, Icing Smiles in the US and the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

Frostington Village

You can do your part to unite with the cake artists and team behind the special village of Frostington by purchasing the any of the amazing collection of tutorials the cake artists have put together, the full proceeds of which will be divided amongst the three charities. The tutorials are available to purchase through Frostington’s village website: Christmas in Frostington.

You can view all the individual pieces of the Frostington collaboration from each cake artist here: the village of Frostington.

We leave you with a close-up with just two of the 150+ amazing pieces that went into the making of Frostington – by Mitchie’s Munchies (left) and Rebekah Manston of Ladies That Cake (right).

Congratulations to all those who have built this special village – a job very well done!

cake collaboration Christmas in Frostington pieces by Mitchie's Munchies left and Rebekah Manston of Ladies That Cake, right

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