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Cupcake Bouquets

With the peak wedding season winding down after the summer, lots of you cake decorators will have more time to try out new decorating ideas. For commercial cake decorators, cupcake bouquets have the potential to bring in an excellent additional revenue stream if marketed well.  They make a great alternative to flowers as gifts for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers and as gifts in the workplace. Instead of saying it with flowers, say it with cupcakes!

A flyer drop to local workplaces with a well-shot photograph of one of your cupcake bouquets is often all it takes to get your first orders in. And with floral bouquets retailing at STG£40-50, this allows for a good margin on a cupcake bouquet, which a lot of people would prefer instead of flowers.

The key of course to creating high quality cupcake bouquets is in the presentation.  Check out your local florist supplies wholesaler for pretty containers/vases/silk foliage or green tissue paper and ribbon.  While you are there, you’ll need to get to get some round Oasis balls/pomanders (Styrofoam is fine also) that fit neatly into your containers. A roll of clear cellophane will also come in handy to wrap the finished product.

To inspire you to design your own range of cupcake bouquets, we have some beautiful examples by Sheryl Bito of Buns In The Oven Cupcakery (above left), Cake Central contributor MotoWifey (above right), Nat Young of Natventures (below left) and Cupcakes by Leeann (below right).

Cupcake Bouquets by Natventures on (left) and Cupcakes by Leeann (right)

We have an excellent tutorial from Nat Young of Natventures which shows you how to assemble a cupcake bouquet. There is also an alternative method here using plastic cups.

There are all sorts of flowers you can pipe for your bouquet:

(The two luxurious cupcake bouquets below are from Little Cakes1 on Flickr and Pinterest).

Cupcake bouquets by Little Cakes on Flickr (left) and (right)

You can be as creative as you like with your selection of containers – cupcake baskets look great too, or a giant mug filled with mini cupcakes, like our examples below left from The Raise Bakery in Brighton and below right from Tiny Hands Online.

Cupcake basket by Indulgence Cupcake Company via VideoJug and Mini Cupcake Mug from TinyHands Online

For fans of vintage style cakes, check out Carey Madden’s exquisite vintage floral buttercream cake tutorial here.

Vintage Buttercream Cake Tutorial


For more on the latest buttercream techniques, check out Erica O’Brien’s Better Buttercream classes on Craftsy below.

Buttercream techniques tutorials with Erica O'Brien

Learn to create beautiful buttercream flowers on Make Fabulous Cakes, below.

Buttercream Flowers Class

You’ll find more buttercream flowers classes online with Crafty’s Fresh Arrangments: Buttercream & Beyond class (below left) and Buttercream Basics teaching the pretty buttercream flowers cake and piped buttercream messages (below right).

Buttercream Flowers tutorials and writing in icing on Craftsy

And if you want to take your buttercream art skills to a whole other level, then check out buttercream superstars, Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong’s classes: Innovative Buttercream Cakes & Unbelievable Buttercream Techniques.

buttercream art tutorial on Craftsy from the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes

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