The Prettiest Giant Cupcake Cakes

vintage cupcake cakes by the Buttercream Bakery Hinckley

Giant cupcake cakes are one of the prettiest birthday treats with the added advantage of having a super fast turn-around time for busy decorators.  In fact, there isn’t much decorating to do, as the shaped cupcake tin does most of the work, especially if you opt for an all-buttercream finish.

Katie Hitchborn of Katie’s Cake Box UK makes some of the most gorgeous cupcake cakes/giant cupakes in the UK in a fabulous vintage floral style, including the beautiful example above right, with an all-buttercream pastel creation in pinks and blues on the left by The Buttercream Bakery, Hinckley.

Dollybird Bakes & Sandra’s Cakes, Hastings have also created stylish vintage cupcake cakes (below left and right, respectively), adding further touches of luxury with a quilted board and a string of pearls

cupcake cakes by Dollybird Bakes & Sandra's Cakes

Soft pastels exude elegance in the two luxury cupcake cakes below by the The Happy Little Baker, right and an unknown designer, left (please drop us a line if you know whom the creator is!)

cupcake cakes by the Buttercream Bakery Hinckley left and The Happy Little Baker right

A giant cupcake makes a fabulous whimsical top tier for this pretty vintage inspired birthday cake below by Heavenly Cupcakes, UK.

vintage cupcake cake by Heavenly Cupcakes UK

More elegant cupcake cakes with luxury sugar floral decor by Sandra’s Cakes, Hastings (below).

giant cupcake cakes by Sandra's Cakes, Hastings

Fondant-covered cupcake cakes are also super quick to decorate and create a fun cartoon-style party centrepiece with two beautiful cakes below by Pastrychik (left) and Tea Party Cakes (right).

giant cupcake cakes by Pastrychik left and Tea Party Cakes right

The Dulcie Blue Bakery have created a mouth-watering chocolate giant cupcake (below left) with pretty frilled buttercream piping and on the right, Cake Spa UK show you how to perfectly layer and fill a giant cupcake cake.

giant cupcake in chocolate by the Dulcie Blue Bakery left, layered giant cupcake by Cakes Spa UK

Party Cakes, Australia demonstrate below how to create that perfect whirl-shaped top on your fondant-covered cupcake cake.

giant cupcake cake tutorial by Party Cakes, Australia

For a tutorial on how to pipe buttercream rosettes for your cupcake cake, see our earlier feature here: Buttercream Piping Part 1Buttercream Rosette Tutorial

Finally, a perfect princess cupcake cake, in pink of course, below by All The Kings Horses Cake Creations.

princess cupcake cake by All The Kings Horses Cake Creations

Chocolate Suze has a great baking tip for making giant cupcake cakes: to solve the problem of the top half of the cake baking faster than the bottom half (because it holds less cake batter), submerge the side with the dome shape in a pan of water to slow the cooking. Brilliant!

giant cupcake baking tip by chocolatesuze. com

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