Cute Cakes for Little Boys

Birthday cakes for little boys from Martha Stewart left and Sharon Wee right

Sailboats, kites, teddy bears, cars and diggers – little boys love them all and we have a collection of the most beautiful cakes for little boys this week featuring their favourite little obsessions.

Wave textured frosting in the most fabulous shade of baby blue creates a scrumptious little boy’s cake above left, decorated with fish cookies for a cute side design and topped with simple white sailboat (via Martha

Sharon Wee is famed for her super cute children’s cakes and this little boy cake topper and his teddy bear capture cuteness to perfection in this pretty birthday cake design with a chic and simple name plaque.

Simple stripes in blue and white are perfectly worked into this design by Katie’s Cupcakes (below left) for an ultra pretty sailboat cake for a little boy’s birthday.  Janet O’Sullivan captures the simple pleasures of children’s playtime in her darling kite cake (below right) complete with miniature tricycle (inspired by party invitation by Style Me Gorgeous).

Cakes for little boys sailboat cake by Katie's Cupcakes left, kite cake and tricyle by Janet O'Sullivan Cakes right

Baby blue marshmallow makes the perfect dessert accompaniment for a little boy’s birthday party below by JK Designs, Australia.

On the right, jungle animals are always a winner for little people’s birthday cakes with a beautiful baby animals design from Cake Avenue, Australia.

Jungle animals cake by Cake Avenue right and blue marshmallow by Cake by Kim AU left

A smart bow-tied name plaque is paired with playful chevron stripes (below left) for a little gentleman’s 1st birthday party by Couture Cupcakes and Cookies. On the right, Lyon’s Bakery Hong Kong have created super cute, soccer-playing teddy bears for a little sports fan’s birthday cake.

1st birthday cake by Couture Cupcakes and Cookies left and soccer cake by Lyon's Bakery right

A cuddly fondant bear and an airplane and fluffy cloud side design make a darling combination on this little boy’s birthday cake with the airplane towing a banner bearing the birthday boy’s name in a cute extra touch from Lyon’s Bakery.

Airplane cake for little boy's birthday cake by Lyon's Bakery

Happy monkeys make a cute and playful theme for a little monkey’s birthday party in the design below left from Lovely Cakes. On the right, a diagnonal split between blue and brown shades adds a chic and unique touch to this Couture Cupcakes & Cookies baby elephant cake.

birthday cakes for little boys by Lovely Cakes left, Couture Cupcakes & Cookies right

Little boys just love big machinery and Poppy Pickering has found a way to magically work a big yellow digger into a pretty pastel birthday cake below for a little boy’s birthday cake.

Digger cake for little boy's birthday cake by Poppy Pickering

If it’s not construction equipment, it’s cars that are the object of little boys’ obsessions and this Peace of Cake, Portugal design below shows how a bright red Lightning McQueen fondant car can be incorporated into a pretty birthday cake for a little boy’s party.

Car cake for little boy's birthday by Peace of Cake, Portugal

A knight in shining armour makes a very cute theme for a little boy’s birthday party and we have two super cute knight cakes below from Peace of Cake (below left) and Paula Cake Couture (right).

Knight in shining armour cakes for little boys by Peace of Cake left, Paula Cake Couture right

The world’s cutest little firefighter is the star of this brilliant cake below by Pastrychik with an edible image of the little birthday boy cleverly worked into a 2D cut-out cake topper to wonderful effect.

Firefighter cake for a little boy by Pastrychik

The world’s cutest firefighther is followed by the world’s cutest Power Ranger in this signature, ultra cute cake design from Bake-A-Boo, New Zealand.

Power Ranger cake by Bake-A-Boo New Zealand

Like the Poppy Pickering cake earlier, Bake-A-Boo can also work their cake design magic to make a digger cake look cute with their little boys cake, below left.

Our final design below right by Peggy Does Cake goes all out green and yellow for a little tractor fanatic’s birthday cake, complete with cute farmyard animals and wooden fencing for an authentic touch.

Digger cake by Bake-A-Boo, NZ and tractor cake by Peggy Does Cake

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fondant animal cake topper tutorial by Brenda Walton on Craftsy