Cake Accents: Distressed Gold & Antiqued Effects

distressed gold wedding cakes antique style by The Cake Whisperer left, Firefly India right

Distressed gold wedding cakes paired with garden style florals in pink by The Cake Whisperer (left) and Firefly India (right)

For a stunning antique style wedding cake, adding a distressed gold finish to your cake captures old world style perfectly. Whether it’s using faded gold painted effects or distressed gold leaf, the artists’ work featured below demonstrates the elegance of faded grandeur beautifully translated into cake art.

For a tutorial on how to apply gold or silver leaf to a cake with a distressed finish, see Shawna McGreevy’s tutorial here: distressed metallic cake tutorial.

distressed metallic cake tutorial by McGreevy Cakes

Distressed metallic antiqued finish cake tutorial by McGreevy Cakes

To create a distressed painted gold finish, you can use an edible gold paint or mix gold lustre dust with a few droplets of clear alcohol or rejuventor fluid. (Use lemon juice for an alcohol-free version, but alcohol does give a better shine.) The mixture can be a thick or thin as you like depending on whether you want a heavy metallic finish or a more watercolored effect.

  • Apply the paint mixture with a flat artist’s paintbrush.
  • Starting from the top of your cake, use downward brushstrokes (with the brush widthways), lifting towards the end of the brushstroke to create a feathered effect.
  • Move horizontally along your cake one paintbrush width at a time, alternating between long brush strokes and shorter strokes to create a “drip” effect.
  • Re-load your brush for each new brush stroke, to ensure the top of the cake gets even coverage and the paint can then run dry towards the end of the brush stroke to create the distressed effect.

Tip: Gold lustre dusts and edible paints come in varying colours and some times it can be difficult to get the right shade of gold you’re looking for. For tonal variations, try mixing your gold lustre with some pearl lustre dust and even silverlustre, which can tone down your gold alot to give a beautiful “gilver” shade!

For more on creating a distressed gold painted finish, see Fancy Cakes by Linda’s video here: antique gold cake tutorial.

antique gold and mint wedding cake by The Cocoa Cakery

Distressed gold paired with faded mint – the centrepiece of this trio of wedding cakes by The Cocoa Cakery

distressed gold wedding cakes by KCE Cakes left, Gift Cakes Ire right with Paula O'Hara Photography

Distressed metallic effects with duck egg blue and shades of dove grey by K&E Cakes (left) and Gift Cakes Ireland (right, Paula O’Hara Photography)

watercolor cakes with distressed gold leaf by Sanna's Tartor left, Laugh Love Cakes right

Watercolor effect cakes with distressed gold leaf by Sanna’s Tartor (left) and Laugh Love Cakes (right)

distressed gold wedding cake by Sweet and Swanky

Distressed gold painted wedding cake in antique gold and duck egg by Sonja McClean of Sweet & Swanky Cakes

distressed gold wedding cakes by Eva Salazar left, Olofson Design right

Varying styles of painted distressed effects using vertical and horizontal brush strokes by Eva Salazar (left) and Olofson Design (right)

distressed gold wedding cake with heirloom gumpaste peony by The Cocoa Cakery

Distressed/peeling gold leaf effect wedding cake with heirloom gumpaste peony by The Cocoa Cakery

Distressed gold wedding cake with contemporary posy by The Cake That Ate Paris

distressed gold leaft wedding cake by The Cake That Ate Paris

distressed gold leaf wedding cakes by the Cake Stand Bakery, Jessica Cooper Photography left, The Artful Bakery right

Marble effects (left) and bas relief elements (right) blended with seams of gold leaf in wedding cake designs by The Cake Stand Bakery (left, Jessica Cooper Photography) and The Artful Bakery (right)

contemporary wedding cakes with distressed gold leaf by Mio Cupcakes left, Cakes2Cupcakes right inspired by The Cake That Ate Paris

Contemporary wedding cakes in pink and gold by Mio Cupcakes (left) and Cakes2Cupcakes right (inspired by The Cake That Ate Paris)

distressed gold cakes by Amelie's Kitchen left, Erica O'Brien right

Playful pink and gold cakes by Amelie’s Kitchen (left) and Erica O’Brien (right)

antiqued gold cakes by Sweet Love Cake Couture left, Layered Bake Shop, N Barrett Photography righ

Vintage shades of mint and gold with gold tipped ruffles from Sweet Love Cake Couture (left) and a gold leaf border by Layered Bake Shop (right, N Barrett Photography)

gold leaf covered cake with pink peony by The Juniper Cakery

Supreme luxury – an entirely gold leafed cake by The Juniper Cakery

distressed gold and white wedding cakes by Sweet Love Cake Couture left, Sweet Heather Anne right

Garden florals and gold finishes from Sweet Love Cake Couture (left) and Sweet Heather Anne (right)

distressed gold wedding cakes by Sweet Bakes left, Sweet Bea's, Fiona Thurlings Photography right

Uber stylish slate grey and gold by Sweet Bakes (left) and gold blended with silver by Sweet Bea’s (right, Fiona Thurlings Photography)

distressed gold wedding cakes by Sweet and Saucy left, Sugablossom right

Stand out designs in contemporary shades antiqued with distressed gold by Sweet and Saucy (left) and Sugablossom (right)

purple floral wedding cake with antiqued gold effects by Cakes by Beth, Samantha Ward Fine Art Photography

Purple climbing floral with antique gold effects by Cakes by Beth (Samantha Ward Fine Art Photography)

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