Swedish Princess Cakes & Dome Cakes

Swedish princess cakes via Martha Stewart Wedding left and by Peggy Porschen right

Peggy Porschen’s Boutique Baking is credited with bringing the traditional Swedish Princess Cake to the fore of fashionable baking.  The dome-shaped cake is a traditional special occasion cake in its native Scandinavia and got its name from originally being used as wedding standby cake.  It’s traditionally covered in green marzipan (if any body knows why, please let us know!) but the cake style has been re-interpreted by celebrity bakers in various different shades.

Martha Stewart created a trio of white Swedish Princess cakes decorated with cherry blossoms for the wedding display above left, while Peggy Porschen has re-invented the dome-shaped cake in various vintage hues, perfect as a dinner party centrepiece, above right. (Swedish Princess cakes below via Pinterest.)

Swedish Princess cakes or dome cakes via Pinterest

To make your own dome-shaped beauty, you’ll find the recipe here for the Swedish princess cake and you can buy dome-shaped cake pans online here. (You can use the cake pans again for football/ basketball cakes which we’ll be featuring at a later date.)

Swedish Princess cake from Martha Stewart Living left and by Miette right

Above, Swedish Princess cakes from Martha Stewart Living (left) and by the famed Miette bakery (right).

Swedish Princess cake with ruffles by Crummb

Crummb Cake Design have created their own take on the Swedish Princess Cake (above) by covering their version in over 100 hand-made ruffles for a luxuriant finish.

Swedish Princess Cakes from lovescool.com left and arla.se right

Two more traditional versions above covered in pale green marzipan and adorned with a pretty peach rose. (Images from LovesCool left and Arla right). The pretty dome cakes below are from Lanka Cakes  (right) and via Pinterest (left).

Swedish Princess cakes or dome cakes from Lanka's Cakes right and via Pinterest left

Our final cake below is another beautiful Swedish Princess cake in traditional green by the Miette bakery in San Francisco.

Swedish princess cake by Miette

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