Downton Abbey Wedding Cakes

Downton Abbey wedding cakes by La Cakerie with photo by Kimberly Brooke left and from Tortas Paso a Paso right

Downton Abbey is one of the biggest style influences for weddings this year with vintage weddings taking on a distinct 1920’s feel.  Wedding cake design has embraced the trend enthusiastically with a revival in popularity in piped wedding cake designs and royal icing techniques – a trend that was started with the Royal wedding cake chosen by Kate Middleton.  Downton Abbey has served to fuel this trend even further.

Jason Hisley of  La Cakerie created the masterpiece above left for a  Downton Abbey theme wedding reception (photographed by Kimberly Brooke).

To the right is a vintage “chandelier” style wedding cake decorated with piped scrolls that also found favour during this era, by Tortas Paso a Paso.

Downton Abbey wedding cake design by Creative Cake Designs (North Carolina) left and from the wedding cake from the TV series right

Christina’s Dessertery in the US have created their own modern day interpretation of the Downton Abbey wedding theme (above left) with this beautiful cake design based on the actual wedding cake featured in the acclaimed TV series (above right).

Below we have another wedding cake design from the post-Edwardian period (left) and an antique style wedding cake by Colette Peters (below right) that would make a magnificent centre piece for a Downton Abbey themed wedding.

Downton Abbey wedding cake left and antique style wedding cake by Collette Peters right

Another stunning interpretation of the Downton Abbey wedding cake trend below – a truly regal cake design (via Tumblr).

Downton Abbey wedding cake via Tumblr

On top of every cake trend before it even becomes a trend, Sharon Wee Creations have created this stunning old-world masterpiece for their wedding cake collection which blends the old and new in vintage classic style.

Downton Abbey wedding cake by Sharon Wee Creations

Two of the UK’s premier wedding cake designers, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium (left) and Bellissimo Cakes (right) have created their own stunning 1920’s style wedding cakes inspired by the Lambeth method of cake decorating that was in its heyday at this time.

Downton Abbey wedding cake designs by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium left and Bellissimo Cakes UK right

We have two more examples of towering wedding cake centrepieces from the splendid Hall of Cakes UK (below right) and via Pinterest (below left).

Downton Abbey wedding cakes from Pinterest left and from Hall of Cakes UK right

Below, a three-tier Downton Abbey wedding cake design for a smaller wedding reception (with photo by Captured by Kate)  and a towering centrepiece by Jeffrey LeBron (right).

Downton Abbey wedding cake designs with photo by Captured by Kate left and cake by Jeffrey LeBron right

Below, Downton Abbey style wedding cakes from Dream Day Cakes (left) and from the Vanilla Bake Shop (right).

Downton Abbey wedding cakes from Dream Day Cakes left and from Vanilla Bake Shop right

Finally, we have two Downton Abbey themed wedding cake designs with elegant panelling detail by Canada’s The Caketress (below left) and New York’s Mark Joseph Cakes (below right).

Downton Abbey wedding cake designs by The Caketress left and Mark Joseph Cakes NY right


The beautiful chandelier-inspired wedding cake below is one of a selection of designs taught by Zoe Clark in her latest class on Craftsy here: Zoe Clark’s Charming Cake Designs. Zoe Clark chandelier cake Craftsy also have an excellent online class that you’ll find more details on here: Learning the Lambeth Method, Wendy Kromer.

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