Drippy, Drizzle Wedding Cakes

Drippy wedding cakes by The Cocoa Cakery left, Cake Ink right

Drippy, drizzle cakes are the rockstar cake of the moment for birthdays and special occasions and their influence is crossing over into the world of wedding cake design and styling.

From refined, bridal styles decked out with pastel florals to full-on candy explosions, we have a selection of the hottest drippy wedding cakes to inspire you this week.

Canada’s The Cocoa Cakery captures the essence of the drippy style in the most elegant way possible with their stunning pale blue and soft pink wedding cake design above (left) and below. While Cake Ink, Australia melds vintage elegance with a silver leaf finish with contemporary drippy styling in their floral beauty, above right.

Drippy wedding cake by The Cocoa Cakery

Dreamy watercolor hues overlaid with dripping white chocolate, fruits and florals, Cordy’s Cakes creation (below left) brings sumptuousness and elegance together in this pastel design.

On the right, drizzle cake star – Cakes by Cliff – brings bridal elegance to his signature contemporary styling with florals, fruits and macaroons.

Drizzle wedding cake by Cordy's Cakes, left and Cakes by Cliff right

White chocolate drizzle and pristine white macaroons create a beautiful drippy wedding cake, finished with a stylish bouquet of lush foliage and subtle blossoms from Mio Cupcakes, below left.

On the right, a splash of pink dripping chocolate brings the pretty to this uniquely bridal drizzle cake with Cake by Cliff’s signature white chocolate “sails” adding drama to the design.

Drippy Wedding Cakes by Mio Cupcakes left, Cakes by Cliff right

Formal ivory florals and luxury gold leaf tiers make a striking combination with drippy white chocolate naked tiers in this show-stopping wedding cake by Mio Cupcakes, below.

Drippy naked wedding cake by Mio Cupcakes

Antique style gold leaf is given a contemporary twist with dripping white chocolate in this statement design below from The White Cakery (image by Krista Fox Photography).

Gold drizzle wedding cake by The White Cakery, Krista Fox Photography

Gold on white and white on gold and the elegant colour choice below for these two sensational, dressy drippy cakes from Caking It Up (left) and Cake Ink (right).

Drippy wedding cakes in gold by Caking It Up left, Cake Ink right

Classic wedding cake elegance paired with a contemporary palette is given a hint of “of the moment” styling with gold chocolate drip in the superbly elegant peony topped wedding cake below left by Nine Cakes.

On the right, stylish pink roses, fresh cherries and a smoothly iced tier are contrasted with a caramel drip naked tier in this beautiful drizzle wedding cake from The Cake & I (image by Jemma Keech).

Drippy wedding cakes by Nine Cakes left, The Cake & I right with image by Jemma Keech

Never before has a cake fridge been so beautifully stacked with exquisite cakes than To Me Cakes (Australia) refrigerator of drizzle cake delights below, with a caramel drip beauty also from their kitchen on the right.

Drizzle cakes by To Me Cakes, Australia

Rich aubergine shades paired with distressed gold leaf and dripping chocolate makes a luxurious confection below from Sweet Bloom Cakes, with one of their head-turning drippy wedding cakes in shades of pink, on the right.

Drippy Wedding Cakes by Sweet Bloom Cakes, AU

Dramatically styled drippy cakes decked out with candy explosions are a specialty of the Unbirthday Bakery with two of their eye-popping tiered chocolate drizzle cakes below.

Drippy cakes for weddings by the Unbirthday Bakery

More drizzle cake styles from Sweet Bloom Cakes in pastels shades feature below left, with a pretty mint and chocolate drippy cake topped with pink roses on the right from Sweet Bakes, Melbourne.

Drizzle wedding cakes by Sweet Bloom left, via One Fab Day right

Classic roses and pastels shades add a perfect bridal touch to the two fabulous “wedding cake-ified” drippy cakes below from the ever creative Scrumdiddly Cakes, UK.

Drippy wedding cakes in pastels by Scrumdiddly UK

Coloring Chocolate: Water-based colors including gel colors will cause the melted chocolate to “seize”, so use oil-based colors such as candy colors or dust colors or simply use ready-colored candy melts.

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