Easy Cupcake Decoration: Poured Fondant

easy cupcake decoration with poured fondant from the cupcake daily blog

Easy cupcake decoration is always something we’re in favour of here at Cake Geek. While we don’t usually feature cupcakes here, preferring to stick to larger cakes, this cupcake decoration from The Cupcake Daily Blog really caught our eye.

The cupcakes are iced with poured fondant which gives a lovely smooth finish and is much quicker to decorate cupcakes with than using rolled fondant.  Plus, we love the way the poured fondant drips over the edge of the vintage blue paper cases – it makes for such a pretty rustic vintage finish.

The Cake Journal has a tutorial here on how to ice cupcakes with poured fondant, as well as how to make it, but fondant mix is available from all good cake decorating stores if you prefer the more convenient option. (If you’re using the Cake Journal recipe note that corn syrup in the US is what we refer to as liquid glucose in the UK).

And to make the beautiful pink roses, you find a tutorial here: How to Pipe a Buttercream Rose

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