Fabric Effect Wedding Cakes

fabric effect lace wedding cake by The Pastry Studio left and image right by Mosca Photo

Fondant or sugarpaste is a terrific medium for creating fabric effects on cakes, especially in wedding cake designs based on elements of a bride’s wedding dress. Draped and ruched fabric effects, fabric bows, sashes, lace effects, pleated fabric and smocking can all be created quite easily.

We have two beautiful examples above – a lace effect wedding cake by The Pastry Studio (left) with scallopped edging and a softly draped sash, and fabric effect roses with draping in the design above right  (image right by Mosca Studio).

Priya Maclure of Sugar Pot has created an elegant fabric effect wedding cake design below with artfully designed pleating and fabric effect corsages.

fabric effect wedding cake by Sugar Pot

Western Australia’s De La Rosa Cupcakes have created a stunning vintage style wedding cake below incorporating exquisite pleated details. (For more on pleated cake designs, see our earlier feature here: Pleated Cake Designs).

fabric effect wedding cake by De La Rosa Cupcakes, Western Australia

The Cake Whisperer in Canada designs some of the most amazing couture wedding cakes, including the lace effect wedding cake below with a luxe fabric effect bow.

fabric effect wedding cake by The Cake Whisperer

The UK’s Emma Jayne Cake Design is renowned for her ability to incorporate elements of the bride’s gown in her wedding cake designs including the beautiful design below with ruched fabric effect and statement bow.

fabric effects wedding cake by Emma Jayne Cake Design

A second outstanding fabric effect wedding cake by The Cake Whisperer with intricately embossed ruching effects and soft fabric effect rose ruffles.

fabric effect wedding cake by The Cake Whisperer

A beautiful example below of pleated detailing embossed with exquisite lace effects by Barney’s Bakery, London.

fabric effect wedding cake design

Planet Cake, Australia have created the terrific bridal design below with a couture gown design influence.

fabric effect wedding cake from Planet Cake

Rachel Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design is considered one of the leading designers in fabric effect wedding cake design, with the beautifully ruched wedding cake below a perfect example of her design work. Rachel teaches her ruching technique and fondant fabric effects in her Craftsy class: Rachael Teufel- Cake Design Made Simple: The Wedding Dress

fabric effect wedding cake ruched fondant by Rachel Teufel, Intricate Icings Cake Design

A beautifully pleated fabric effect wedding cake in fondant via Sweetapolita (created as part of a Cake Couture class with The Caketress).

fabric effects in fondant via Sweetapolita, Cake Couture with The Caketress

Sugar Ruffles, UK created their stunning ivory fabric effect wedding cake design below left using a billowing technique, for which you’ll find a tutorial  here by Sharon Bond: fondant billowing tutorial.

To the right, Style Sweet CA have designed a collection of fabric effect wedding cakes featuring fondant ruching, pleating and ruffles in a beautiful trio below.

fabric effect wedding cakes by Sugar Ruffles UK left and by Style Sweet CA right

Sweet Bloom Cakes, Australia – one of the most innovative cake designers of the moment – have designed the unique two tier cake below featuring soft pink gathered pleating for a beautiful effect.

To the right, we have a wonderfully “smocked” cake design by the uber talented  Connie Cupcake Luxury Cakes (image by Krista Fox Photography). You’ll find directions here on creating smocking effects in fondant: fondant smocking tutorial.

fabric effect cake by Sweet Bloom Cakes left and smocking effect wedding cake by Connie Cupcake Luxury Cakes, image by Krista Fox

More ruching effects created with fondant on round tiers with cakes by Mercedes Strachwsky, left and by Delectable by Su right.  You’ll find a tutorial here from The Sugar Suite Blog: fondant ruching tutorial.

fondant ruching effect with cakes by Mercedes Strachwsky left and by Delectable by Su right

Coming Up Next: More fabric effects in our Wednesday feature on Wedding Dress Inspired Cakes.


Learn the secrets of translating haute couture into cake design with The Caketress, Lori Hutchinson in her latest class on Craftsy: Chic Techniques for Couture Designs.

Lori Hutchinson cake design tutorial on Craftsy

For more on wedding cake decorating with fondant fabric effects, you’ll find an excellent Craftsy class here by Marsha Winbeckler: Fondant Drapes, Pleats, and Ruffles Tutorial.

Pleated cakes tutorial on Craftsy by Marsha Winbeckler

Check out Jessica Harris’ online textured effects tutorial to learn how to create the four designs below plus lots more textured effects in fondant. Find out more here: Elegant Techniques with Jessica Harris.

ruffles tutorial and fabric effects by Jessica Harris

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