Floral Garland Wedding Cakes & Tutorial

boho garland wedding cake from De La Rosa cupcakes, floral crown with berries from sonyakhegay.com

Floral garlands and hair circlets are the essential bridal accessory this year for the fashion-forward boho bride – a trend that has crossed over into cake design with leading designers creating beautiful wreath arrangements to adorn boho-style wedding cakes.

For a tutorial on how to create a gumpaste flower wreath/garland, see Joshua John Russell’s tutorial here: gumpaste floral garland cake tutorial.

De La Rosa Cupcakes’ design above right perfectly encapsulates the effortless beauty of the boho wedding style, with a fabulous berry studded floral garland setting off this design (left, image by Sonya Khegay).

Rosalind Miller teams playful blue and white striping with an enchanting climbing rose garland in her beautiful design (below left), while the go-to girl for the boho bride, Amy Swann, weaves her sugar floristry magic in her exquisite botanical cake creation, below right.

floral garland wedding cake boho style by Rosalind Miller left, Amy Swann sugar flower garland right

A brightly coloured garland of summer flowers sets of this wonderfully textured aqua wedding cake creation by Sugar Boy Ed (below right) – perfect for the bride who craves lots of colour for her wedding celebrations. On the left, a stunning Claire Pettibone gown – the home of boho bridal couture.

floral garland wedding cake boho style by Sugar Boy Ed, boho bridal gown by Claire Pettibone

The sugar flower artistry of Torte di Nadia is showcased beautifully on this rustic style twig garland, below left. (Check out Zoe Clark’s recent class on Craftsy to learn how she crafts sugar twig wreaths to adorn her cakes: Charming Party Cakes). On the right, a beautiful hazy shot of an Amy Swann masterpiece – a wildflower garland cake in the softest of powder pink.

sugar flower garlands by Torte di Nadia left and sugar flower garland cake by Amy Swann

A rustic trail of frosted lilac winds its way up this lace wedding cake by Anna Elizabeth Cakes, topped with a standing floral wreath (image by Vasia Weddings), while a single, perfectly crafted garland takes centre stage in this Studio Cake design (below right, image by Wedluxe).

garland wedding cakes boho style via Anna Elizabeth Cakes left Vasia Weddings Photography via Wedluxe left, by Studio Cake right

Apple orchard-inspired floral circlets are the perfect accessory to these floaty little maid dresses by Damselfly (via Natural Wedding Company).

apple orchard inspired little maid dresses by Damselfly via Natural Wedding Company

This sweetly crafted flower wreath adds a delightful finish to this beautiful birthday cake design by Kidacity.

flower circlet cake by Kidacity

A shallow top tier creates the perfect shape to crown with a floral wreath in this luxe gold-encrusted floral wedding cake design by Megan Joy Cake Design (image by Tess Pace Photography).

floral crown wedding cake for the boho bride by Megan Joy Cake Design, Tess Pace Photography.

A floral wreath in peaches and cream dazzles against a gold leaf top tier and picks up the soft shades of the distressed lace adornment on the bottom tier in a unique design (below left) from Sweet Love Cake Couture.  On the right, a twisted hazel wreath is dressed with bridal pink and lavender peonies in this perfect boho-inspired design from Sugar High (shot against one of their beautiful “Bakedrops”).

floral crown wedding cake by Sweet Love Cake Couture left, floral garland boho wedding cake right by Sugar High

Hand-painted peach blossoms add an elegant, customised finish to this beautiful design by Nevie Pie (below left), while these exquisitely crafted buttercream flowers are the crowning glory on this Eat Cake Be Merry design (below right).

floral garland cake designs by Nevie Pie left, Eat Cake Be Merry right


Learn how to create this beautiful silver and white floral wreath winter wedding cake below in Rachel Teufle of Intricate Icing’s fabulous class on Craftsy, as well as how to craft reindeer antlers to adorn a beautiful woodland inspired wedding cake (left), plus this exquisite geode cake (right). Find out more here: Naturally Elegant Cake Designs.
geode cake tutorial, wreath cake tutorial and antler wedding cake tutorial by Rachel Teufel

Also, learn how to create twig frames in fondant with Zoe Clark in her Charming Party Cakes class on Craftsy.

Charming Party Cakes tutorial by Zoe Clark on Craftsy

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