Floral Patterned Lace Cakes

floral lace cakes by Lina Veber Cakes

The love affair with lace continues for brides this season and next with lace wedding cakes being the top wedding cake trend again for 2014/15 brides.

Beautiful lace effects can be created on cake in lots of different ways including lace piping, lace applique, stencilled lace and with edible lace/lace mats. But one of the most beautiful styles of cake lace is floral lace – created using delicate sugar blossoms for an enhanced lace effect.

Swedish designer, Lina Veber, demonstrates this perfectly in her two fabulous floral lace designs above.

Below, Jessic Vu of Jessicake Art, Vietnam has created a sumptuous cream and ivory confection with elegant floral lace detailing.

floral lace cake by Jessica Vu of Jessicake Art, Vietnam

Floral lace has been one of the key trends in the wedding cake collection of the UK’s  Emma Jayne Cake Design, with one of her exquisite lace cake design featured below left.

On the right, Poppy Pickering also adds an extra dimensional effect to her lace-adorned wedding cake design with beautifully blended floral accents.

floral lace wedding cakes by Emma Jayne Cake Design left and Poppy Pickering right

Enhanced lace piping creates a beautiful floral lace design on the wedding cake below by Kelley Kakes (left, image by Kathleen Peachey Photography) and on the right, another ultra feminine lace wedding cake by Emma Jayne Cake Design.

floral lace wedding cakes by KellyKakes left and Emma Jayne Cake Design right

Sugar blosoms and lace piping combine to create a soft, textured floral lace design in a beautifully ethereal wedding cake below by Sweet Love Cake Couture.

floral lace wedding cake by Sweet Love Cake Couture

A fluttering of white cherry blossoms adds an extra floral dimension to the beautiful lace wedding cake design below by Cotton & Crumbs.

floral lace wedding cake by Cotton & Crumbs

Layers of multi-shaped sugar blossoms create an intriguing lace texture in the fabulous lace wedding cake design below left by Anna Elizabeth Cakes, (image by Sweet Heirloom Photography).

On the right, softly ruffled sugar flowers with pearl centres create an exquisite vintage lace work of art by Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal.

floral lace cakes by Anna Elizabeth Cakes, Sweet Heirloom Photography left, Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal right

Piped vines are blended with simple sugar blossom for a pretty ivory composition below by We Want Cake by Emma Procopiou, crowned with a statement over-sized sugar peony in matching tones.

floral lace wedding cake by We Want Cake Emma Procopiou

Sweetums Designer Cakes, Australia have used a beautiful cornucopia of sugar flowers and delicate blossoms to create an amazingly textured floral lace wedding cake below.

floral lace wedding cake by Sweetums Designer Cakes

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