Garden Party Cakes

garden party birthday cakes by Jelly Cake right, image left via Pinterest

Hosting a garden party is a fun and elegant way to celebrate a special occasion during the summer months if you’re lucky enough to live in an accommodating climate. This week on Cake Geek we have a selection of some of the most endearing and pretty garden party cakes from leading cake designers and sugar artists.

Jelly Cake UK have added beautiful hand painted blades of grass to their magical garden party cake above, carrying through the wispy grass motif even to the candy pink number cake topper for a beautiful design touch. On the left, fondant cut-out grass adds a lovely 3-D effect to this garden fete inspired party cake, with even a little garden snail added for authenticity – made from sugar of course!

Elaborately coloured butterflies wander amongst the lush garden blooms adorning this chic, quilted design by Firefly India (below left) – perfect for a garden wedding reception. Rustic buttercream paired with lush summer flowers make the perfect pairing in this summer garden party cake below right by Cake This, Australia.

garden party cakes by Firefly India left, Take This Edible Art AU, right

Bountiful blossoms carpet this colourful garden party cake with summer beauty – a design by Lisa Roberts Cakes (below left). Rows of romantic roses and old world hydrangea deck out this topsy-turvy teatime themed wedding cake by the Vanilla Parlour Cake Studio.

garden party cakes by Lisa Roberts Cakes left, Vanilla Parlour Cake Studio right

Garlands of bunting and pastel blossoms add a perfect garden fete atmosphere to the two charming vintage wedding cake designs below from Rachelle’s Cakes (left) and Scrumdiddly Cakes (right).

garden party wedding cakes by Rachelle's Cakes left, Jelly Cake right

A pale mint backdrop serves as a beautiful base colour for these summer confections, adorned with garden flowers (below left) from Bake-A-Boo, NZ and even with some curious little garden bunnies in the design (below right) by Patricia Mann.

garden party cakes by Bake-A-Boo NZ left, Patricia Mann Designs right

A host of delightful, violet butterflies take flight from this hand-painted summer meadow cake by Samtastic Cakes.

garden party cake with butterflies by Samtastic Cakes

Fluttering leaves and spiraling vines entangle this sugar-flower crowned beauty by Let Them Eat Cakes, Canada (below left), while on the right, an array of sugar critters adds to the enchantment of this vibrant garden party cake design from Sweet Little Morsels, exquisitely finished with a floral patterned board.

garden party cakes by Let Them Eat Cakes, CA left and Sweet Little Morsels right

Dainty, whimsical little heart-centred flowers reach towards the sun in this playful summer garden cake by Mrs. Robinson’s Cakes, below.

garden party cake by Mrs. Robinson's Cakes

A cartoon tree adds an enchanting dimension to this fun, garden party cake for children, topped with standing 3D lettering for a cute customised touch from Bella Cupcakes. On the right, an elegant white wedding cake is decked out in lush summer flowers nestled amongst verdant foliage and wispy tendrils in a very pretty design from Wynona at Little House of Dreams.

garden party cakes from Bella Cupcakes, New Zealand left, Little House of Dreams, right

A cute little fondant bird sits upon a towering stack of colour and fun in this topsy turvy teacup cake by The Sweet Collection, Sydney – the perfect garden party cake for a special occasion.

garden party cake by The Sweet Collection, Sydney

Bunting, frills and stripes bring the summer garden party feeling to this unique and pretty naked cake design from the Vanilla Cake Boutique, with simple gerbera daisies adding a fun, whimsical finish.

garden party wedding cake by Vanilla Cake Boutique

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