Golf Cakes

golf cakes for birthdays and fathers day by The Design Cake Co and Peggy Does Cake

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we have more Dad cakes this week especially for golfing dads and other golf fans.

The Designer Cake Company have created the super cool golf cake above left with a tartan number topper and golf ball themed lettering for a chic and creative birthday cake design.  Peggy Does Cake has created a brilliant comedy golfer cake above right with lots of great landscape detailing making a perfect side design.

Argyle patterns also make a great golf themed side design with excellent examples below by Cakes by Dusty (right) and via Pinterest (left).

gold cakes by Cakes by Dusty right and via Pinterest left

A super cool golfer features in the brilliant cake below left by Red Carousel left and “Comedy Golfer” crops up again in the argyle patterned cake by Vanilla Pink Cake Design (below right).

golf cakes by Red Carousel left and by Vanilla Pink right

A simple but beautiful golf cake below with rolling greens by the Strawberry Lane Cake Company features below left and on the right, a fantastic dad model by Dream Cakes by Robyn atop a brilliantly detailed golf cake (below right).

golf cakes by Strawberry Lane left and Dream Cakes by Robyn right

Two more creative golf course inspired cakes from Tea Party Cakes (below left) and Fondant & Frost Cakes (below right).

golf cakes from Tea Party Cakes and Fondant & Frost Cakes

Sheryl Bito of the Buns In The Oven Cupcakery created the fantastic golf bag cake below left in our one and only cake for the ladies this week (the pink roses at the base have to be for us ladies, right?) and to the right, we have a unique design by Butterfly Dream Cakes, animated with lively 3D lettering.

golf bag cake by Sheryl Bito and golfer cake by Butterfly Dream Cakes

Cake artist, Dot Clerck at Eat Cake Party, South Africa created this wonderful topper for a golf fan, perfect in every little detail.

golfer cake topper model by Eat Cake Party, South Africa

Another country gentleman brought to life in sugar in this golf cake by Sandra’s Cakes, Hastings, UK.

golf cake by Sandra's Cakes, Hastings, UK

The brilliant Treehouse Cakes by Kat have created this super cute groundhog cake for a golf fan, including a mini tutorial on how to make the cute little guy.

golf cakes and ground hog tutorial by Treehouse Cakes by Kat

A super simple golf cake via Craft Gossip (below left) perfect for a quick cake idea for a golf fan (using your “teddy bear fur” icing tip for the grass). On the right, City View Bakehouse have also designed a simple but striking golfing cake for a birthday or father’s day cake.

golf cakes via Craft Gossip left and City View Bakehouse right

An old-style shell-piped cake makes a surprisingly great canvas for a golf cake from Cakes and and on the right, CuriAUSSIEty Cakes have designed a funky cartoon-style cake for a golf fanatic.

golf cakes by Cakes and and CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

Two more inspired golf cakes by Quaint Cake, UK (below left) and Lesley Wright of the Royal Bakery, California (below right), based on a design by Cake Central contributor, Jilybug.

golf cakes by Quaint Cake amd the Royal Bakery

Another great giant golf ball cake topped cake by KG The Art of Cakes (below left) and a brilliant pint-drinking golfer model by The Clever Little Cupcake Co (below right).

golf cakes by KG The Art of Cakes left and The Clever Little Cupcake Co right

Chantilly Cake Designs used sugar golf clubs for a clever side design in their cake below.

golf cake by Chantilly Cake Designs

Lots of sugar golfing accessories and textured grass make a great golf cake design by Box Hill Bespoke Cakes, below.

golf cake by Box Hill Bespoke Cakes

Finally, a great dad cake topper and golf bag in this design by Sweet Picasso Cake Creations (below left) and a perfectly designed golf cart by Classic Cakes, below right.

golf cakes by Sweet Picasso Cake Creations and Classic Cakes

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sports cakes by Mike McCarey

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