Gumpaste Buds

peony buds by PetalSweet

The addition of flower buds to sugar flower bouquets has been one of the most chic and beautiful new trends in sugar floristry – a trend spearheaded by Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet with the publication of her excellent flower buds tutorials. Above, Jacqueline’s fabulous peony buds are featured in a stunning palette of soft pink, white and lime green.

Peeping buds add a spring fresh touch to the exquisitely crafted cake below by Sweet Disposition, Australia.

gumpaste buds cake by Sweet Disposition Cakes

Bliss Pastry Florida’s exquisite watercolour wedding cake below is given a beautiful botanical touch with a sprays of flowers buds and sugar flowers arranged in a chic asymmetrical style.

gumpaste buds and sugar flowers watercolour wedding cake by Bliss Pastry

Lush florals are enhanced with delicate buds in the two superb sugar flower displays below from the Sugar Penguin Cakery (left) and the Cake Virtuoso Studio (right).

gumpaste flowerbuds and cakes Sugar Penguin left, Cake Virtuoso right with peony, bougainvillea, myrtle

Great for filling in gaps in sugar flower arrangements, gumpaste buds can be used in addition to, or instead of, filler flowers and an authentic garden style arrangement.

Spring flower buds are woven through a stylish ivory and green arrangment in the design (below left) by Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes with an unbelievably pretty teacup full of sugar flower buds and blossoms from Hilary Rose Cupcakes (below right).

gumpaste buds and cakes by Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes left, Hilary Rose Cupcakes right

A beautifully textured ranunculus flower is accented with white blossoms and lime green flowerbuds from Petalsweet, below.

gumpaste bud tutorial by Petal Sweet

A truly unique and stylish wedding cake design features below (via WedLuxe) in a chic taupe colour scheme with fresh white peonies, interlaced with tiny buds and blossoms for a fabulous spring wedding cake design.

flowerbuds wedding cake white peony wedding cake via WedLuxe

Sugar flower perfection is been achieved by Torta di Nadia, Italy in the exquisite peony rose and flowerbuds composition, below.

gumpaste rosebud by Torta di Nadia, Italy

Pastel berries are another trend peeping through in cake design with two supremely pretty creations below from Elegantly Iced UK (below left) and Edible Essence Cake Art (right).

sugar flower buds wedding cakes by Elegant Icing left, Edible Essence Cake Art right

Natural green berries add a splendid touch to the beautiful fresh white arrangement of ranuncula, parrot tulips and foliage below from La Lavende Cake Boutique.

gumpaste tulips, ranuncula and buds by La Lavende Cake Boutique

Pastel berries add an extra dash of pretty to the beautiful rose cake below from A Pocket Full of Sweetness, created at a Faye Cahill workshop.

On the right, Sharon Wee’s vintage doile wedding cake design in dusk pink is adorned with a beautiful spray of ranuncula and fresh green flower buds. (You can find the stencil used to create this design here from Sharon Wee Creations).

gumpaste buds by A Pocket Full of Sweetness left, Sharon Wee Creations right

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