The New Naked Cake – The “Half Dressed” Cake

crumb coated naked cakes by linda left and by Beth Kirby via Local Milk (coconut tres leche cake)

Rustic style “naked cakes” were a huge hit for weddings this past year, but this summer it’s the “Half-Dressed Cake” that’s set to take centre stage – the crumb coated version of the “naked cake”.

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Just a thin scraping of buttercream or frosting around the sides of the cake is all it takes to create this slightly more dressed up version of the earlier naked cake trend.

Sweden’s Linda Lomelino has created a perfect example (above right) dressed in fresh garden flowers for a super summery look. To the right, we have another rustic beauty – a coconut tres leches cake – by Beth Kirby.

Style Sweet CA have created a luxuriant rustic style red velvet cake below, with just a smattering of buttercream to crumb-coat the sides to dress up this stylish cake.

crumb coated naked cake by Style Sweet CA Rustic-Romance-Berry-Red-Velvet-Cake

Another beautiful tres leche cake below this time by baking blogger, M Bakes.

crumb coated naked cake via tres leches three milks cake

New Zealand’s Made From Scratch, created the romantic floral “half-dressed” wedding cake (below left), with a sweet example from Vintage Whites Market right (image by MDK Photography).

crumb coated naked cakes by left and by Vintage Whites Market right

German baking blog, Toertchenzeit have the receipe for their exquisite crumb-coated cake below, right here: expresso and white chocolate cake.

crumb coated naked cake by Tortchenzeit expresso and white chocolate cake

Dolce Designs created the beautiful seasonal “half-dressed” cake below, dressed with burnt orange flowers and autumn berries.

crumb-coated naked cake tutorial by Dolce Designs

For a winter wedding, frosted cranberries and rosemary sprigs make a wonderful garnish for the beautiful winter themed crumb-coated cakes below. Or you could substitute the cranberries for fresh raspberries for a summer dessert wedding cake.  (Images via Pinterest.)

crumb coated cakes cranberry dessert cake left and lemon mousse cake right, images via Pinterest

A beautiful naked strawberry shortcake wedding cake by Match Box Kitchen (below left) and a simple crumb-coated cake design with gold candles (via Juxtapost) below right.

crumb coated naked cakes by matchbox left and via right

Below, we have a soft pink crumb-coated “satellite cake” as part of a rustic wedding cake dessert display by Sweet Bloom Cakes, Australia.

crumb coated naked cake by Sweet Bloom Cakes AU

The UK’s Dulcie Blue Bakery created the soft pastel beauty in blush pink and peach (below left), with a fabulous cherry blossom and lemon curd “half-dressed” cake by Sweden’s Made By Mary (below right).

naked cake by Dulcie Blue Bakery left and cherry blossom and lemon curd crumb-coated cake by Made By Mary right

Two more examples of the “half dressed” cake trend – beautiful wedding cakes by Baker Mama (below right) and via (below left).

crumb coated naked wedding cakes by Baker Mama right and via

Finally, a chic and unique mint cake by Australia’s All Things Sweet by Carissa dressed with spring fresh tulips (below left) and on the right an understated rustic style cake encircled in a garland of silvery foliage by Cake Delights (Jen + Ashley Photography via Burnett’s Boards).

half dressed cakes by All Things Sweet, NSW left and Cake Delights, Jen and Ashley Photography via Burnett's Boards right

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