Hand Painted Cakes: Part 2

hand painted cake by Emily Harmston Cakes

Hand painted cakes are one of the most admired cake design trends of the moment and painting on cakes is one of the most versatile skills a cake decorator can acquire to add to their repetoire of techniques.  Drawing and painting doesn’t come naturally to us all, but with a bit of practice there are lots of floral designs that one can easily master to create beautiful vintage style cakes.

For those new to cake painting, check out our earlier feature here on Hand Painted Cakes for tips and tutorials to help you get started.

Our feature cake above, a stunning hand-painted wedding cake in vintage duck egg blue, is by Emily Harmston Cakes. Emily has created a multi-dimensional effect on this cake by hand painting the branches, to which she then added painted floral appliques.

Incidentally, this is a great tip for those who are new to hand-painting cakes – if you are reluctant to paint directly onto your immaculately iced cake, use cutters to make floral shapes, then paint the details onto the cut-outs and attach to your cake.

hand painted cakes by Viva La Cake left and Sweet Tiers right

Above left, we have a simple floral pattern in beautiful vintage shades of blue and pink in a pretty hand painted design by Viva La Cake. (This is just the base tier of a completed Viva La Cake design which we will be showcasing in a later feature.)

To the right, we have a beautifully artistic black and white painted design contrasted with shocking pink sugar flowers – a superb contemporary cake design by Sweet Tiers, Australia (below right).

Below, we have a terrific hand painted wedding cake by Cheryl Kleinman of The Betty Bakery, New York in a beautiful blue and white vintage floral pattern, as featured in Martha Stewart Magazine.

hand painted wedding cake vintage blue floral by Cheryl Kleinman of The Betty Bakery New York

The exquisite hand-painted wedding cake below is by Natalie Murray of Murray Me Hand Painted Cakes. Natalie provides a unique design service to brides using her wonderfuly artistic talent to design both their wedding cake and co-ordinated wedding stationary.

hand painted wedding cake with roses and bird design by Murray Me Cakes

Below we have a second hand-painted bird design cake by Natalie Murray. Natalie shows the various steps involved in painting this masterpiece on her website: hand painted bird cake. (Image by Dawn Mead Photography).

If you want to learn more about hand painting birds, you’ll find tips and techniques for artists here: drawing birds tutorial.

hand painted cake bird design by Murray Me Cakes, Brighton UK

Butterfly Dream Cakes have created the beautiful hummingbird painted cake design below – a superb eye catching design.

hand painted cake kingfisher bird design by Butterfly Dream Cakes

The exquisite vintage blue mini cake below with handpainted finch is by the award-winning Curtis and Co. Cakes  (image by Nikki Kirk Photography).

hand painted cake with bird design by Curtis and Co. Cakes, Nikki Kirk Photography

Penney Pang Designer Cakes, Hong Kong, has created the beautiful “china tea set” style cake design below in blue and white, topped with blush pink sugar roses for a wonderfully old-fashioned design.

hand painted cake vintage tea rose design by Penney Pang Designer Cakes

We have two more fabulous floral handpainted cake designs below – a beautiful watercolour wedding cake below left (image by Cocotran Photography) and below right, an old style floral hand-painted design by Edelweiss Cakes.

handpainted watercolour wedding cake, photo by Cocotran Photography and right, Edelweiss de Lara Soldano

The fabulous Cath Kidson inspired hand painted cake below was created by the wonderful Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes, Costa Rica.

hand painted cake  Cath Kidson style by Sugar Couture

Another vintage style beauty by Curtis and Co. Cakes below, in shades of shocking pink and sage green (image by Nigel Byde Photography).

hand painted cake vintage rose design by Curtis and Co. Cakes, image by Nigel Byde Photography

A fabulous example of hand-painted wedding cake elegance by Murray Me Cakes below, with peach rose stems and vintage lace (image Aphrodite Net Photography).

hand painted wedding cake peach roses and vintage lace by Murray Me Cakes, image Aphrodite Net Photography

Lulu Cake Boutique have re-created Monet’s famous Waterlilies painting in their enchanting cake design below.

hand painted cake Monet Waterlilies by Lulu Cake Boutique

The UK’s Penelope’s Handpainted Cakes have designed a beautiful, delicately painted wedding cake below in an elegant, lady-like design – perfect for a summer wedding.

hand painted wedding cake vintage rose by Penelope's Handpainted Cakes

A beautiful cottage garden style hand painted wedding cake below (image via Pinterest).

hand painted wedding cake via Mari Kitsak on Pinterest

Top international cake designer, Handi Mulyana created the exquisite hand-painted floral cake below left.  Handi teaches a class on this cake, so check out his website for more details: Handi’s Cakes

The exquisite “ditsy rose” cake design below is by cake painting supremo Natasha Collins of Nevie Pie, whose outstanding cakes can be credited with starting the world-wide trend for hand painted cake designs. Natasha also teaches cake painting, both on-line and in person, so check out her website for more details: Nevie Pie.

hand painted cake by Handi's Cakes left and ditsy rose cake by Nevie Pie

Another superb hand-painted mini rose cake, this time from wonderful Nadya’s Cakes and Bakes.

hand painted cake vintage rose design by Nadya's Cakes and Bakes

The beautiful vintage rose cookies below were created by Lemon Tree Cakes in London and you’ll find the tutorial for this hand painted design on their blog here: vintage hand painted cookies tutorial.

cake painting tutorial on cookies by Lemon Tree Cakes

Sweet and Swanky Cakes featured in Part 1 of our Hand-Painted Cakes feature with a beautiful vintage blue cake design, and here they are again with an exquisite design below inspired by the artwork on the accompanying floral jug. A perfect excuse to invest in lots more fabulous homeware for your kitchen…..!

hand painted cake by Sweet and Swanky Cakes

Lorna’s Cakery designed the outstanding poppy meadow cake below, with an array of beautifully painted wildflowers.

hand painted cake poppy meadow by Lorna's Cakery

We have a second hand painted poppy cake below in a wonderful contemporary style by top Australian designers, Sweet Disposition Cakes.

To create your own painted poppy cake, you find a tutorial here to help you: poppy painting tutorial.

hand painted cake with red poppies by Sweet Disposition Cakes

The Butter End Cakery created the superb cake art below – a stark black and white painted design contrasted with dramatic red roses for  a stand out wedding cake design.

hand painted cake bird design by The Butterend Cakery

Erin Schaefgen of The Three Little Blackbirds Cakes in the US has also been one of the leading cake artists behind the current cake painting trend. Erin created the uber trendy cake below for a little girl’s birthday – a little girl who loved her music!

hand painted cake by The Three Little Blackbirds Cakes

The eye-catching masterpiece below was created by New Zealand’s Sugar Cake, an almost gothic like design enlivened with a bold colour palette of blues, purples and orange.

hand painted cakes by Sugar Cake left and by the Juniper Cakery right

The beautiful woodland fairy cake below was created by Bellaria Cakes Design, The Netherlands (as part of an airbrushing workshop taught by Kim Wiltjer).

hand painted cake  by Bellaria Cakes Design


Craftsy have a cake painting class by renowned New York cake artist, Kate Sullivan of Cakepower.  You’ll find all the details here: The Art of Painted Cakes, with Kate Sullivan

handpainted cakes class by Kate Sullivan on Craftsy

Pretty Witty Cakes also have three super cake painting classes now available to purchase as individual tutorials:

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