Hand-Painted Cakes: Part 1

hand-painted cakes by Three Little Blackbirds Cakes Hand-painted cakes are the most talked about design trend in the cake decorating world at the moment. We have two fabulous examples above by one of the leading proponents of the trend, Erin Schaefgen of the Three Little Blackbirds Bakery in the US. Erin teaches a free Craftsy class online on “The Hand-Painted Cake” which you’ll find here: Free Online Cake Decorating Class.

Joining Erin Schaefgen at the pinnacle of hand-painted cake art is the UK’s Natasha Collins of Nevie-Pie Cakes whose cakes are some of the most admired world-wide.  We have two surreally beautiful cakes by Natasha below who also very kindly shares  a tutorial on hand-painting cakes on her blog, Amelie’s House. And if you decide you’d like to take your skills a little bit further, you’ll find a collection of tutorials to purchase from Nevie-Pie Cakes, demonstrating specific painted cake designs.

hand painted cake by Nevie's Cakes UK

Mich Turner of the Little Venice Cake Company also has a tutorial on how to hand paint a cake available here on You Tube and artist, Donna Dewbury has a fantastic tutorial showing how to paint a rose step-by-step.

Whether it’s a striking painted cake you wish to create in bold colours or a simple floral motif in pastel shades, hand-painting offers an array of new options for cake decorators.  We have two beautiful vintage floral cakes below  from The Cake Parlour (left) and from Bath Baby Cakes (right).

hand painted cakes from the Cake Parlour left and from Bath Baby Cakes right

Below, we have two more beautiful vintage style cakes in hand-painted floral designs from Bake-A-Boo (left) and from Nana & Nana Cakes (right).

hand painted cakes from Bake-A-Boo left and from Nana & Nana Cakes right

Our final two hand painted cake examples are just as superb.  The cake below left is by Wow Factor Cakes and blends hand-painted branches with 3D sugar flowers for a terrific multi-dimensional effect.  The cake below right is a beautiful vintage floral example by Sweet & Swanky Cakes.

Hand painted cakes by Charlotte Wedding Cake (left) and Sweetapolita (right)


For more on cake painting, see cake star Myton Ouano’s class on Craftsy Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes where you’ll learn how to paint cakes from templates, transfer a design on to a cake, how to create glazed pottery effects on cake, as well as painted and shaped wafer paper designs. Find out more here: Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes

Painted cakes tutorial by Myton Ouano on Craftsy

Check out the handpainting class on Craftsy too by renowned New York cake artist, Kate Sullivan of Cakepower.  You’ll find all the details here: The Art of Painted Cakes, with Kate Sullivan

handpainted cakes class by Kate Sullivan on Craftsy

Pretty Witty Cakes also have three super cake painting classes available to members.

  • Linear Painted Cake Designs by Mia Tambini of Fat Cakes focusing on beautiful trailing and climbing floral designs.
  • Photo Realistic Painted Cupcakes teaching the incredibly realistic effects that can be created with light and shade techniques
  • Relief Painting with Royal Icing by the world-renowned Kelvin Chua

Check out Pretty Witty Cakes here for all the details on these three classes.

If cake painting, however, is a bit beyond your creative skills, fear not! Our feature on Edible Icing Sheets will show you how to create wonderful cake art almost by magic!

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