Harlequin Cakes

harlequin cake with pink fondant roses by Charm City Cakes and harlequin cake by SugaryWinzy

A harlequin or diamond shaped pattern is a great side design for birthday cakes or celebration cakes.  It gives a great whimsical feel to the overall cakes design and is a very striking pattern.  It’s very popular for party cakes Stateside but UK decorators have been slow to embrace the harlequin for some reason!

A harlequin pattern works great for decorating chocolate cakes as you can see from the two examples above, the cake on the left by TV star Duff Goldberg of Charm City Cakes and the cake on the right by SugaryWinzy.

You can use a diamond shaped cutter to cut out the harlequin shapes if you have one, but a square cutter turned on its side works just as well, as you can see from the two examples above.

We have lots more wonderful whimsical harlequin cakes below to inspire UK decorators.  First, we have three super creative cakes by Tuff Cookie Cakes, followed by two outstanding cakes by cake decorating superstars, The Pink Cake Box.

harlequin cake by Tuff Cookie Cakes

 harlequin cakes by The Pink Cake Box

While the harlequin pattern is usually associated with cakes with bright bold colours, it also adds a cute touch to pastel cakes with two pretty examples below by Cake Central contributor, DianeLM.

harlequin cakes by DianeLM on Cake Central .com

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