Horse & Pony Cakes

horse and pony cakes by Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes left, Mina Magiska Bakverk right

Horse & pony cakes are a popular request for birthdays and while they can seem like quite a daunting challenge at first, there are lots of ways to create the perfect equestrian themed cake – from the more elaborate, sculpted creations to simple, themed designs.

We have a selection of tutorials at the end of this feature to help you make your own horse cake, plus lots of design inspiration in the meantime.

Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes have created a super cute cartoon style pony cake (above left) with a pretty fencing side design and whimsical flowers.

On the right, a simple but striking horse silhouette in white set against pink icing creates a beautiful equestrian themed celebration cake by Mina Magiska Bakverk.

Poppy Pickering’s very pretty horse & rider cake below in a chic sage colour scheme delightfully combines party bunting, pretty polka dots and sugar blossoms for a beautiful birthday cake design (inspired by The Chocolate Strawberry).

horse cake pony cake by Poppy Pickering inspired by The Chocolate Strawberry

A superbly crafted little girl sugar model, a comedy horse topper and funky, quilted lettering make a terrific pony cake design below by Scrumptious Buns, sure to delight any little equestrian fan.

horse cake pony cake by Scrumptious Buns

Fasntasy & art come together in the mesmerizing horse’s head cake sculpture below by McGreevy Cakes, with wafer paper flowers adding to the magical quality. See Shawna’s video here on how she sculpted this magical cake: horse’s head cake tutorial.

horse's head cake by McGreevy Cakes

A beautiful white horse created in a fantasty style (below left) by sugar art minaturist, Sachiko Windbiel of Mimi Cafe Union. On the right, Cakes by Sharon, Sydney have dressed this pretty pony cake with posies of pink roses set against a beautiful blue and white palette.

horse and pony cakes by Mimi Cafe Union left, Cakes by Sharon Sydney, right

A spectacular sugar foal creation below by The Sweet Life Cakes & Cookies by Julie.

horse cake foal cake by The Sweet Life Cakes & Cookies by Julie

Brightly coloured manes and bridles animate these fabulous horse cookies created by Freshly Squeez’d (inspired by Not Betty Cookies).

horse cookies by Freshly Squeez'd, inspired by Not Betty Cookies

For a young gymkana or showjumping fan, Lulu Cake Boutique have created the perfect equestrian cake below left, and on the right, one of Freshly Squeez’d’s brilliant and original horse’s head cake pops. Learn how to make horse cake pops in this free Craftsy tutorial here: horse cake pops tutorial by Kris Galicia Brown.

equestrian cake by Lulu Cake Boutique left, horse's head cake pop by Freshly Squeez'd

A pretty pink rosette adorns the wonderful cake creation below by Laura Jane Cake Design, complete with a pretty showjumper and horse cake topper.

For the equestrian couple on their wedding day, the design below right makes an elegant black and white wedding cake cake (via Pinterest).

horse cake by Laura Jane Cake Design left and equestrian wedding cake via Pinterest right

Two more spectacularly crafted cake creations below – a 3D horse and rider by Richard’s Cakes, (below left) and a horse & rider topper by Lynette Horner of Nice Icing, (below right).

horse and rider cakes by Richard's Cakes left, Nice Icing right

Cakes by Christine UK have created the fantastic showjumper in action cake below left and on the right, a superb horse’s head cake by Donna Makes Cakes, UK.

showjumping cake by Cakes by Christine UK, horse's head cake by Donna Makes Cakes

Below, Carisa’s Cakes have created a beautiful pony cake with paddock side design for a little girl’s 10th birthday.

horse cake by Carisa's Cakes

A sublime equine work of art by Elegateau Cakes features below (with and without bridle).

horse cake by Elegateau

Trina Thomson of Sweet Ruby Cakes, Australia gives a glimpse of the process that goes into creating her spectacular sugar sculpture below.

horse cake by Sweet Ruby Cakes

An illustration from Mike’s Amazing Cakes of the armature and supporting structure inside Mike McCarey’s astounding 3D horse cake sculpture below.

horse cake by Mike's Amazing Cakes

Our final horse cake design this week a is fantastic comedy cake by Janette MacPherson Cake Craft, sure to raise a smile on the face of any wayward horse owner.

horse cake by Janette MacPherson Cake Craft

Below you’ll find tutorials from Cake Corriere (Italy) and A Cakeful of Character, demonstrating how to model a cartoon style horse cake topper.

horse cake topper tutorials from Cake Corriere Italy left, A Cakeful of Character right

And a horse cake topper tutorial on You Tube from Caballiti Boniti.

horse cake topper tutorial

Zoe’s Fancy Cakes have a cute little rocking horse cake topper tutorial here that can be modified as a horse cake topper.

rocking horse cake topper tutorial by Zoe's Fancy Cakes

Cake For Show demonstrate their stylish horse’s head cake tutorial here.

horse's head cake tutorial by Cakes For Show

Plus Deborah Hwang Cakes have another gorgeous horse cake tutorial here.

horse's head cake tutorial by Deborah Hwang Cakes

Check out Veena’s Art of Cakes horse’s head cake tutorial too here.

horse cake tutorial by Veena's Art of Cake

Plus you’ll find more sculpting tips in this horse’s head cake tutorial from the Hill Dale House blog.

horse's head cake tutorial from the Hill Dale House blog

And while it’s not strictly speaking a horse, this beautiful unicorn cake topper tutorial by The Artisan Cake Company should come in handy for modelling a horse or pony cake topper.

unicorn cake topper tutorial by The Artisan Cake Company


Learn how to re-create this spectacular sculpted unicorn cake plus internal cake structure with cake sculpting genius, Kaysie Lackey in her brilliant Sculpting Magic class on Craftsy. Find out more here: Unicorn Cake Tutorial/Sculpting Magic with Kaysie Lackey.

sculpted horse cake tutorial unicorn cake tutorial with Kaysie Lackey

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