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Sugar-crafted bride and groom wedding cake toppers continue to be hugely popular with young couples getting married and go really well with novelty style wedding cakes or funky designs.  Aside from the classic sugar-crafted style cake toppers, “peg-style” cake toppers are also very much on-trend at the moment for the more alternative or boho bride.  We have a great example above right from the brilliant Eat Cake Be Merry who have published a tutorial to make this peg style cake topper here: Bride & Groom Cake Topper Tutorial.

Sugar modelling expert, Verusca Walker has put together one of her hugely popular picture tutorials (below) of all the elements needed to create her stunning bride & groom,pictured above right.

how to make a bride and groom wedding cake topper tutorial by Verusca Walker

Next, we have a wonderful example of vintage style bride & groom topper sculpted by one of the world’s leading sugar artists, Carlos Lischetti. You’ll find the full instructions to recreate this cake topper in his first book, Animation in Sugar: Take 1.

For a more “alternative” couple, you’ll find the instructions for the funky bride and groom cake topper (below right) here: Bride & Groom Cake Topper Tutorial.

vintage-bride-and-groom-wedding-cake-topper-by-Carlos-Lischetti-left-and-funky bride and groom cake topper tutorial right by Lovely Tutorials

You’ll find tutorials for even more bride and groom toppers here:

You’ll also find some instruction from Wilton on creating wedding cake toppers: Standing Bride Model, Standing Groom Model, Sitting Bride and Sitting Groom.

For bridal hairstyles (and grooms’ hair too) Lovely Tutorials have a selection here: bride and groom topper hairstyles tutorials.

wedding cake topper bridal hair tutorial via Lovely Tutorials

As you practice creating bride and groom toppers more and more, you’ll eventually start to develop your own style. In the meantime, we have some fabulous sugar models to inspire you.

The two beautiful sets of toppers below are from sugar model supremos Sugar High Inc. in the US (below left) and by UK cake topper experts, Feats of Clay, below right. (You can now learn to make the exact bride and groom below left from Sugar High’s Brenda Walton in her Craftsy class here: Custom Cake Toppers Step-by-Step.)

bride and groom cake topper by Sugar High left and by Feats of Clay UK right

Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes crafted the beautiful family wedding cake topper (below left) including the wedding cake designed to complement the brides ruffle wedding gown. A second wonderful example below right, in a cartoon style also (image via Tumblr).

bride and groom cake toppers wedding cake toppers by Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes left and via Pinterest right

Author Lindy Smith created the fabulous bride and groom wedding cake toppers below and you’ll find more details on Lindy’s cake topper classes here.  Lindy also sells perspex discs in her online shop to which you can afix your cake topper so it can be kept as a souvenir by the wedding couple long after their wedding.

bride and groom cake toppers wedding cake toppers by Lindy Smith

If you’re Sydney based, Handi Mulyana of the renowned  Handi’s Cakes teaches cake topper classes, including his bride and groom models below left.

Author Karen Davies created the beautiful bride and groom models (below right) and has instructions for a similar standing bride and groom in her book, A Cake for a Wedding. If you struggle to create nice faces for your models, Karen has very useful face mould available to buy through her website and at all good sugarcraft stores.

bride and groom cake toppers wedding cake toppers by Handi's Cakes left and by Karen Davies right

Brazil’s wonderful Arte da Ka designed the two beautiful sets of wedding cake toppers below in their signature style.

bride and groom toppers wedding cake toppers sugar models by Arte da Ka, Br

World renowned sugar artist, Israel’s Tal Tsafrir creates wonderful cartoon-style cake toppers including the lovely bride and groom cake topper, below right.

To the left, we have a fabulous bride topper by Sharon Wee Creations in a customised couture gown.

bride and groom cake topper by Tal Tsafrir left and bride cake topper by Sharon Wee Creations right

Sharon has a tutorial for the super cute bride and groom cake topper below available to buy through her website: Sharon Wee cake topper tutorial.

bride and groom cake topper wedding cake topper by Sharon Wee Creations

A beautiful bride with her bump and a groom in morning suit by  Alessandra Frisoni (below left) and a super happy newly-married couple below right by Sharon Wee Creations.

bride and groom cake toppers models by Alessandra Frisoni

Penney Pang Designer Cakes created the cute cartoon wedding cake topper below which shows what a terrific addition a topper can make to the wedding album!

bride and groom cake topper wedding cake topper by Penney Pang Designer Cakes

Don’t forget to think about the placement of your bride and groom models too – a cake topper doesn’t always have to be on top of the cake. Below, we have two examples from the wonderful Bella Cupcakes, NZ.

bride and groom cake toppers sugar models by Bella Cupcakes NZ

And while they’re not quite edible, the handpainted “peg-style” cake toppers below are enormously popular at the moment. The wooden pegs are available to buy online, including from Goose Grease on Etsy, who also have a tutorial showing you how to paint your bride and groom here: diy bride and groom cake topper tutorial (wooden peg dolls).

diy bride and groom cake topper tutorial wooden peg dolls by Goose Grease on Etsy

More peg doll inspiration below, including a tutorial from the Elephantine blog: diy cake topper tutorial (wooden pegs).

Just remember to set your cake topper on a circle of clear acetate when placing on top of the wedding cake – craft paints aren’t food safe!

diy wedding cake topper hand painted peg dolls from Elephantine. typepad .com

For more cake topper tutorials and design inspiration, see our features:


Yener’s Way teach the selection of bride and groom cake toppers below in various poses in their online class here: Bride & Groom Cake Topper Tutorials. (Prices in Australian dollars – US equivalent $34 approx, UK equivalent £26 approx.)

Bride and Groom cake topper tutorials from Yener's Way

Craftsy have two excellent cake toppers tutorials -the first below by Brenda Walton of Sugar High. (You’ll find all the details here: Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step (w/ Brenda Walton)

cake topper tutorial

And Playful Toppers from Rosie Cake-Diva:

Cake Topper Tutorials - Playful Styles by Rosie Cake Diva on Craftsy 600px

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