How To Speed Up Ganaching & Frosting


We all love getting to the decorating stage of cake making, but a sharp, crisp edge and smooth base is essential before we do so. One of the more frustrating aspects of cake making is coating and re-coating your cake with frosting or ganache until you get it just right.

But now you can cut down on the time it takes to achieve the perfect ganache coating with the ProFroster. Designed to smooth both the top and bottom of your cake at the same time while also creating the perfect sharp edge, the ProFroster is a game-changer for cake makers.

It also cuts down on the number of tools you’ll need – instead of different size ganache plates for different size cakes, the ProFroster works on all sizes cakes and up to 8″ high barrel cakes.

See how the ProFroster can make your cake life easier in this video here. And get your ProFroster here.

Profroster ganaching toolProfroster ganaching tool