Indian-Inspired Fashion Cakes Collaboration

Indian fashion inspired cakes by Jeanne Winslow left and Isabelle Payne of Izzy's Cakes, right

With its vibrant colours, gemstone embellishments and luxurious gold threading, couture indian occasion wear is a dream starting point for a international collaboration of cake designers to come together and interpret Indian fashion through the medium of cake.

Unveiled today on social media, project organiser Candace Chand of Beau Petit Cupcakes tells us the story behind this fashion art extravaganza:

“A year ago I was contacted by an Indian bride who wanted her wedding reception cake to match her and the groom’s outfits. But she had to go against her wishes and stick to a cake matching her décor. Reason for this was her sisters and mom did not think a cake based on the multiple colours of her outfit could be elegant and not busy looking as opposed to a cake designed based on a white dress.

“I got the idea then and thought it would be fun to show how us cake artists can use any outfit to create our elegant signature looks on cakes. Sometimes it is very difficult for non-cakers to see beautiful sugar work based on bold colours with lots of jewel tones. Indian fashion is a perfect example of stunning colourful works of art on fabric. With all the different elements of ruffles, tulle, beading, jewels, prints etc, they make fantastic and dramatic inspiration.

“It was my goal to show that when you see a heavy outfit, it is not always necessary to implement every aspect onto the cake. A cake artist is able to pick elements that catch their eye and put it together with their personal touch to it.

“Hence I contacted some cake friends quite some moons ago, and 46 of us were excited for this project. Each member was given an inspiration photo of an Indian fashion piece and was asked to take as much or as little from their inspiration for their creations.

“Members of our group used various techniques and products on their cakes such as isomalt work, lace work, gelatin work, piping and sheen effects. Many artists used some of these mediums for the first time and challenged themselves with various techniques. I know many faced difficulties achieving the colours or getting their pieces to flow the way they wanted especially with the use of the gold and jewel tones. I heard ‘ahem’ that there may have been some slip of the tongues and fondant flicking (!), but they all persevered and came out cake stars.”

Featured cake designs by Jeanne Winslow (top left), Isabelle Payne of Izzy’s Cakes, (top right), Beau Petit Cupcakes (below left) and The Enchanting Merchant Company (below right).

For the full gallery of fabulous fashion-inspired cake designs, visit the collaboration’s Facebook Page to see detailed shots as well as the inspiration photos that each artist started with: Elegant Indian Fashion Cakes.

Beau Petit Cupcakes left, The Enchanting Merchant Cake Company right

Congratulations to the all the cake artists involved in this show-stopping collection of fashion inspired cake art.