Lace Wedding Cakes Part 4: Lace Trim

lace wedding cakes by Maki's Cakes (left) and Sugar Ruffles UK (right)

We’ve had lace wedding cakes with applique lace, piped lace and stencilled lace – our final instalment on lace wedding cakes features cakes with real lace! There’s no simpler way to create that elegant vintage look than to wrap the base of your cake tiers in an ornate lace trim. We have two beautiful examples above from the wonderful Maki’s Cakes (left, author of Cakes to Fall in Love With: Beautiful Cakes for Romantic Occasions) and the fantastic Sugar Ruffles UK (right).

lace wedding cakes wiith lace trim from Pinterest left and from Rachelle's Cakes UK right

Lace trim looks even more fantastic against coloured icing as you can see from the pretty aqua cake by Little Cow Creative Cakes ( below right) and the dusky pink example above left (via Pinterest). If you are using white or ivory icing, you can make the lace trim stand out even more by first wrapping the base of the cake tiers in white or ivory satin ribbon and then overlaying this with the lace trim.  The high shine of the satin ribbon really sets off the detailing in the lace to full effect, as can be seen in the example above right from Rachelle’s Cakes. (Image below left via 100 Layer Cake).

lace wedding cakes  via left from right

Below, lace wedding cakes with lace trim by Italy’s Nana & Nana Cakes right and via Tumblr left.


Sweden’s Mina Magiska Bakverk have created the elegany lace wedding cake design below incorporating a vintage taupe lace trim.

lace wedding cake decorated with lace trim by Mina Magiska Bakverk in Sweden

And for pointers on piping pearls and beaded garlands, as in our beautiful examples above from Maki’s Cakes and Rachelle’s Cakes, see our Piping Techniques Series, Part 1 – Pearl Piping and Beaded Garlands.

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