Lattice Cake Designs

lattice wedding cake designs by Abigail Bloom, left and by The Art of Cake, Canada right

A lattice pattern, whether piped with royal icing, stencilled or created with strips of fondant, makes a beautiful old world cake design for a wedding or special occassion.

The Abigail Bloom Cake Company created the delicate lattice design wedding cake (above left) by piping an intricate series of tiny pearl beads to create an elegant wedding centrepiece.

On the right, miniature sugar blossoms are arranged in a geometrical lattice pattern in beautiful example of cake artistry by The Art of Cake, Canada.

Soft grey provides an elegant backdrop for a classic lattic design below, accented with silver leaf for a touch of luxury by Bath Baby Cakes.

grey wedding cake with lattice design by Bath Baby Cakes

Cocoamoiselle, Dublin have incorporated a Moroccan lattice pattern in their antique style wedding cake design below – a slightly more curved lattice pattern than the traditional design, also reffered to as quatrefoil/arabesque.

silver Moroccan lattice wedding cake by Cocoamoiselle Cakes, Dublin

Broad strips of fondant overlay add a contemporary edge to the classic lattice pattern in the wedding cake design below by the Lulu Cake Boutique, left. On the right, an elongated lattice pattern creates a striking effect in a cake design from Martha Stewart Weddings.

lattice wedding cakes by the Lulu Cake Boutique left and from Martha Stewart Weddings right

Coloured fondant, this time blue-grey, creates a wonderful counterpoint to the old style lattice design in this classic wedding cake by Sedona Cake Couture (via The Knot), below left, and on the right,  Australian designer, Priya Maclure of Sugar Pot blends pearl beading, sugar flowers and a lattice effect pattern for an elegant vintage style wedding cake.

lattice cake designs by Sedona Cake Couture via The Knot left and by Sugar Pot right

A trellis-like lattice and summer flowers create a beautiful garden style wedding cake below by Jean Michel Raynaud for Sweet Art (left). On the right, a superb design incorporating sugar lattice by Bobbette & Belle, previously featured in our Trailing Sugar Flowers special (image by Ikonica via WedLuxe).

lattice wedding cake by Jean Michel Raynaud for Sweet Art left, right by Bobette & Belle, Image by Ikonica via WedLuxe

Lush white hydrangea and a lattice lace effect make a showpiece wedding cake below by Bake My Cake, Dublin.

lattice wedding cake design by Bake My Cake, Dublin

A second Bobbette and Belle classic with statement sugar flowers features below left, and on the right, a perfect summer wedding cake for a garden party reception by the Sophie Bifield Cake Company.

lattice wedding cakes by Bobbette and Belle left and Sophie Bifield Cake Company right

Vintage shades of mint green and blush pink make an exquisite combination with gilded gold lattice in the fabulous cake below by Brown Betty Dessert Boutique (image by Allison Conklin Photography).

lattice cake design mint and gold cake from Brown Betty Dessert Boutique, Allison Conklin Photography

Antique gold lattice detailing creates a lavish antique effect in the beautiful wedding cake designs below by The Cocoa Cakery, left and Get Amy Cakes, right (image by Beautiful Day Images).

lattice wedding cake designs in gold by The Cocoa Cakery left and Get Amy Cakes, right (Beautiful Day Images)

Minature fleur-de-lis motifs create a luxe effect in the stunning antique style wedding cake design below by Sandra Monger Cakes.

lattice wedding cake design in mint and gold by Sandra Monger Cakes

Gold moroccan lattice/quatrefoil adds vintage elegance to the chi wedding cake creation by Vancouver’s Berliosca Cake Boutique, below.

moroccan lattice wedding cake design by Beliosca Cake Boutique

Our final design is a soft cream design by Tres Chic Cupcake by ShamsD, South Africa, featuring delicate metallic accents for a superb vintage cake creation.

lattice cake design by Tres Chic Cupcake by ShamsD SA

Learn how to create the beautiful lattice lace cake below with Alan Tetreault on Craftsy.  You’ll find more details here: The Secrets to Perfect Stenciling, by Alan Tetreault

lattice lace cake by Alan Tetreault on Craftsy

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