Lollipop Cakes

Lollipop Cakes by Kathy Dvorski Cakes, Confetti Cakes NY and Charm City Cakes

Of all the cake trends of the moment, this is Cake Geek’s favourite for a big celebration.  Whether is a children’s party or for an adult who’s still a kid at heart, these are statement cakes no matter what the celebration.

The cake above left is by the talented Kathy Dvorski in Toronto and very cleverly combines three celebrations in one cake – a tier for each party girl.

The middle cake is based on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and is by the wonderful Elisa Strauss at Confetti Cakes New York.  The design is featured in her book – Confetti Cakes for Kids which you can buy here: Confetti Cakes For Kids.

The final cake is by the super cool Duff Goldberg at Charm City Cakes.  It’s probably our favourite of the three lollipop cakes because it has that cute “icing dripping over the side” fondant overlay effect.

To make “swirl” lollipops Butter Heart Sugar has a tutorial here on making them from cookie dough which you can substitute with sugarpaste or fondant.  Or for the real thing, you can buy them here: Swirl Lollipops

And for the “icing dripping over the side” effect we love so much on the Charm City Cake, you’ll find a tutorial here from Rose Bakes.

If you really want to go crazy with colours, here’s a selection of candy cakes and lollipop cakes from the Pink Cake Box in New Jersey for inspiration:

Lollipop Cakes by The Pink Cake Box

Below, more lollipop cakes and inspiration featuring giant swirly pops via Pinterest (left) and a candyland cake from Cake Lava (right).

lollipop cakes with swirly pops via Pinterest left and candyland cake from Cake Lava right

If, however, you like the idea of swirl lollipops as a cake decoration, but only need to make a one-tier cake, this cake design by Bake Decorate Celebrate incorporates lollipops as a cake topper and still has all the candy land magic! Zoe Clark of The Cake Parlour, London, features the beautiful candy cake below in her latest book available here: The Cake Parlour Sweet Tables.

lollipop cake birthday cake one tier from Bake Decorate Celebrate left and Candyland cake with lollipops from The Cake Parlour right

Our final two lollipop cakes are by the Chocolate Moose Bakery (left) and Christina’s Dessertery (right).

lollipop cake candyland cake by Chocolate Moose Cakes left and lollipop cake with swirly pops from Christina's Dessertery right


Shawna has also launched a new class on Craftsy featuring the selection of children’s cakes designs below: Cakes That Wow!

Kid's Cakes Tutorials by Shawna McGreevy

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