Marie Antoinette Cakes

Marie Antoinette cake by The Cake Opera Company

For a lavish birthday cake or novelty wedding cake, nothing beats a Marie Antoinette cake for pomp and splendour. Gilded gold, baroque mouldings and of course an intricate replica of the French Queen herself add a refined and fanciful air to an extravagant occasion.

It’s a uniquely challenging cake theme that tests the skills of many advanced cake designers, but our selection of cakes this week shows what artistry, dilligence and exquisite sugar work can create.

Our feature cake above was created by the awe-inspiring The Cake Opera Company, Toronto (as featured in Cake Central Magazine) and exudes the lavish, frivolous characteristics of infamous French royal.

Gonzuela’s Cakes/KupKake Tree have designed the wonderfully theatrical Marie Antoinette cake below, with a the marvellous sugar Queen even holding a miniature cake stand in a nod to her infamous line “Let them eat cake”.

Marie Antoinette cake by Gonzuela's Cakes

Rosy Cakes, New Zealand designed the wonderfully whimsical baroque styled cake below in homage to the world’s most famous proponent of cake, with a cake stand as headwear on this occasion.

Marie Antoinette Cake by Rosy Cakes, New Zealand

Amanda MacCleod’s much admired, award-winning Marie-Antoinette cake from Cake International last year (below right) can be credited with inspiring many decorators to try their hand with this fabulous cake theme, but if you’re baking for a smaller affair, Amanda has also designed a fabulous single tier Marie Antoinette cake in her signature theme (below left) – a more manageable style also for newer cake decorators.

Marie Antoinette cakes by Amanda MacCleod right and

Fabulous peach tones create a beautiful feminine colour palette for the beautiful baroque period wedding cake below left (image via Pinterest) and on the right, Willow & Bloom Cakes (formerly known as The Brighton Cake Company) have designed the outstanding masked lady cake below right, reminiscent of the masquerade balls of the French court of Louis XVI.

Marie Antoinette cakes by The Brighton Cake Company right and via Pinterest left

French baroque is the signature style of Dutch cake designer, Zoet & Zoet, including their exquisite French royalty inspired wedding cake below.

French baroque wedding cake by Sweet and Sweet

The Silly Bakery, The Netherlands have also incorporated a gilded gold-framed painting of the French royal in their exquisite Marie Antoinette cake design belw, topped with a beautiful gold masquerade mask.

Marie Antoinette cake by The Silly Bakery

Another work of outstanding sugar art and design by Alexandra Pellegrino of The Cake Opera Co. below (image by 5ive 15ifteen Photography).

Marie Antoinette cake by The Cake Opera Co., 5ive 15ifteen Photography

The masquerade balls of the the French Royal Court of the the 1800’s provides design inspiration for The Butter End Cakery‘s dramatic cake design below.

Marie Antoinette cake by The Butter End Cakery

Pastels and stripes add a touch of whimsy to the exquisite cake creation below by Dee’s Sweet Surprises, capturing the frivolity and extravagance of the famed French Queen perfectly.

Marie Antoinette cake by Dee's Sweet Surprises

If your sugar modelling skills don’t extend to recreating a miniature Marie Antoinette, you can still add a touch of the French baroque period to your cake with extravagant ostrich feathers as in the Fiona Cairns design (below left) or with an antique cameo, pearls and a lady-like fan in soft pinks and blues, inspired by the fabulous Cakes by Tess design (below right).

Marie Antoinette inspired cakes by Fiona Cairns left and Cakes by Tess right


Learn Baroque style cake decorating techniques with Alexandria Pellegrino of The Cake Opera Company on Craftsy here – Simple Skills for Dramatic Designs.

Baroque style cake decorating tutorials with Alexandria Pellegrino on Craftsy

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