Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Cakes

Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cakes by the Butter End Cakery left, image right by Crystal Stokes Photography

The Shakespearian tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a beautiful, classical theme for a summer season wedding, providing lots of design inspiration for a nature-inspired, fairytale wedding cake.

The magical forest setting of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is captured wonderfully in the wedding cake designs above by The Butter End Cakery (left) and Sky’s The Limit Custom Cakes & More (right, image by Crystal Stokes Photography).

Below, a sprinkling of wild flowers adds a touch of the Midsummer Night’s Dream magic to the beautiful cake designs below by Maggie Austin Cake (left) and Olofson Design (right).

Midsummer Night's Dream cakes by Maggie Austin Cake left and Olofson Design right

Floral bunting and rustic twigs (below left) add a beautiful fairy dreamland feel to the lilac ombre cake below (image by Amy LB Photography) with sugar foliage and lavender blossoms creating a beautiful Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding cake below right by Rosalind Miller Cakes.

Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cakes by Rosalind Miller right and image left by Amy LB Photography via HTWM

Cakes so beautiful as those below look like they could almost have been the work of forest fairies but are the creations of sugar artists, Amy Swann, (left) and Nadia & Co. Pastry & Art (right, image by 5ive 15teen Photography).

A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cakes by Amy Swan left and Nadia & Co right, 5ive 15teen Photography

Two more exquisite Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding cakes  featurebelow with gold leaf adding a touch of Athenian splendour to the design by Rosalind Miller (below left), and Ana Parzych’s design (below right) evoking the beauty of the natural world.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding Cake by Rosalind Miller left and Ana Parzych right

The magic of the fairy realm is captured beautifully in the designs below by Unusual Cakes for You (left) and Cake Your Day (right).

Midsummer Night's Dream cakes from Unusual Cakes for You left and Cake Your Day right

The edge of the forest and its mystical goings-on are echoed in the trailing sugar vines, woodland flowers and fluttering butterflies in the artful sugar work below by cake artist, Sarah Jones (below left) and Blissfully Sweet Cakes (below right).

Midsummer Night's Dream cakes by Cake Artist Sarah Jones left and Blissfully Sweet Cakes right

An explosion of summer flowers and woodland foliage capture the essence of the magical Shakespearean tale perfectly in the Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding cakes from Cakes by Krishanthi (below right) and via Pinterest (below left).

Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cakes by Cakes by Krishanthi right and via A nice Cup of Tea left

Mythical woodland creatures adorn the enchanting cake below in a perfect Midsummer Night’s Dream-style wedding cake via The Natural Wedding Company.

Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cake via The Natural Wedding Company (2)

Woodland foliage and summer flowers add a delightful touch to the two beautiful wedding cakes below via 100Layer Cake (left) and OhMyDeerHandmades (right), encapsulating beautifully the woodland setting of Shakespeare’s fairy banquet.

Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cakes via 100Layer Cake left, and ohmydeerhandmades.com right

More fairytale prettiness befitting a magical Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding by Amy Swann (below left) and Ellen Bartlett of Cakes to Remember(below right).

A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding cakes by Amy Swann left and Ellen Bartlett, Cakes to Remember, right

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