Multi-Dimensional Cake Decorating

multi dimensional cake decorating by Cakes by Krishanthi via Brides Magazine left and by Lulu Cake Boutique right

Multi-dimensional cake decorating is one of the biggest new trends in cake decorating, enabling decorators to add an extra dimension to their designs and really bring their cakes to life with 3-D special effects. The multi-dimensional element is created by combining 2-D handpainted designs with 3-D sugarcrafted/hand-modelled decorations such as sugar flowers which lift the design right out to its audience for a superb effect.

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The beautiful example above left by Cakes by Krishanthi (via Brides Magazine) combines brush-embroidery leaves and sugar-crafted peonies for a subtle 3-D effect that heightens the impact the peony rose beautifully.  Lulu Cake Boutique created the stunning wedding cake above right with handpainted birds and the addition sugar flowers and stems to give the cake it’s eye-catching 3D dimension.

Kristen Orth of KO’s Cakes has created the mesmerizingly beautiful multi-dimensional lily wedding cake below. Hand-modelled lilies set against a backdrop of painted lilies gives the cake an almost ethereal feeling that makes it a truly stand-out cake design.

multi dimensional cake decorating hand painted lilies by KOs Cakes

Ligia De Santis has created the stunning work of art below incorporating multi-demsional elements – a hand painted Spring scene from the natural world enhanced with 3D sugar blossoms to bring the design to life.

multi dimensional cake decorating birds nest cake by Be Sweet Li

The very pretty multi-dimensional wedding cake design below was created by The Flour Garden in soft pastels with gold tipped edging for an antiqued look. (image by Annabelle Charles via Magnolia Rouge).



Krikri Creazioni designed and created the fabulous ode to summer wedding cake, below left. Royal icing was used to masterfully create a painted effect with 3-D elements added to really bring the summer meadow scene to life.

The beautiful summer garden design below right was designed by Sweet Disposition Cakes, Australia and blends 2-D hand drawn birds with 3D painted floral appliques for a unique celebration cake design.

multi dimensional cake decorating by Krikri Creazioni left and by Sweet Dispostion Cakes right

The world-renowned designer, Maggie Austin Cake features the beautiful rustic multi-dimensional cake design below left in her wedding cake collection – a rustic, arty design for a relaxed, summer wedding.

No feature on cake painting would be complete without a masterpiece by Natasha Collins, the doyenne of hand-painted cakes from Nevie Pie Cakes, and one of the pioneers of this beautiful art. Her fabulous lilac and pink floral cake below is brought to life with multi-dimensional elements to create and stunning wedding cake with an old world feel, yet with a contemporary edge (image by Rebecca Fennell Photography).

multi dimensional cake decorating by maggie austin left and by Nevie Pie Cakes right

The much admired US cake cake designers, Steel Penny Cakes have created the unbelievably pretty cottage garden style wedding cake below with 3-D foxglove flowers added to a hand-painted background for an almost surreal design that makes you feel like you are right there in the garden – a superb example of multi-dimensional sugar work at its best. (Images by Photos By Tabi).

multi dimensional cake decorating foxglove flowers cake by Steel Penney Cakes

The very striking peony rose wedding cake below was designed by Ramona Oskirka of The Perfect Wedding Cake featuring hand-painted peony buds and leaves, augmented with 3D hand-crafted sugar peonies for an eye-catching summer wedding cake design.

multi dimensional cake decorating peony wedding cake by Atlanta Cakes

The wonderful multi-dimensional cake designs of Anna Craig of Sweet On You Cakes have featured in Cake Central Magazine, including the very pretty summer ranunculas design below ( images by Barnett Photograhpy, Canada). You’ll find instructions to re-create Anna’s cake here: multi-dimensional sugarwork tutorial. And you’ll find the accompanying gumpaste ranunculas tutorial here.

multi dimensional cake decorating tutorial by Anna Craig on Cake Central

We have two more examples of multi-dimensional cake decorating this time, in fabulous coral shades, from Cake BoxSpecial Occasion Cakes (below left) and a design inspired by Maggie Austin’s design above (image via Pinterest).

multi dimensional cake decorating with Bitterroot wedding cake by CakeBoxSpecial Occasion Cakes left and via Pinterest right

Accomplished cake artist, Kim Wiltjer of Cakes by Kim, The Netherlands has designed the outstanding single tier cake below that represents one of the finest examples of multi-dimensional cake decorating to date. The cake design has an almost fairytale-like feel to it with a pretty hand-painted hump-back bridge and soft pink 3-D sugar blossoms.

multi dimensional cake decorating by Kim Wiltjer NL

We have another pretty example below of multi dimensional cake decorating  with a hand painted robin and 3-Dsugar blossoms – a great one to start with for those new to the art of hand painting cakes. (Image via

multi dimensional cake decorating  hand painted robin and sugar blossoms via

Swiss cake artist and Cake Central contributor,Panel7124 designed the outstanding watercolour-effect summer meadow wedding cake below with 3-D poppies creating an amazing multi-dimensional cake design that’s simply breath-taking in its beauty. (To create 3-D poppies, you’ll find a gumpaste poppy tutorial here.)

multi dimensional cake decorating poppies by Panel7124 on Cake Central

We have two more examples of the versatility of multi-dimensional cake decorating below with an elegant design incorporating a black hand-painted scroll pattern with 3-D red roses creating a dramatic effect (below right). To the right, Kristen Orth  of KO’s Cakes has created the exquisite fairytale frog prince cake design, blending a hand-painted backdrop with 3-D sugarcrafted elements.

multi dimensional cake decorating red roses and black scrools by Smiley09 on Cake Central left and Frog Prince cake right by KOs Cakes

We have another delicate and beautiful example of the art of multi-dimensional cake decorating by Ligia de Santis – an Autumn wedding cake featuring hand-painted acorns blended with sugarcrafted autumn leaves for a beautiful Fall wedding cake design.

multi dimensional cake decorating Autumn cake with acorns by Ligia De Santis

Superfine Bakery, in Los Angles have also designed a beautiful Autumnal wedding cake below with hand-painted finches and 3-D sugar berries in a simple example of the beauty of multi-dimensional decorating. (Image by Bricco Photography.)

multi dimensional cake decorating by Superfine Bakery, Andrea Bricco Photography

We have another fabulous Anna Craig multi-dimensional cake below in a fresh orange and yellow colour palette, as featured in Cake Central Magazine. (Images by Barnett Photography, CA).

multi dimensional cake decorating orange and yellow ranunculas by Anna Craig Sweet On You Cakes via Cake Central Magazine

MyCakeSchool .com feature a tutorial for their mulit-dimensional yellow “bouquet” cake below, perfect for a summer party: multi-dimensional cake decorating tutorial.

multi dimensional cake decorating tutorial yellow flowers by MyCakeSchool .com

Spring is finally in the air and the Cake Parlour and Karla’s Little Bakery have created two super pretty daffodil cakes to celebrate the arrival of spring, using sugarcrafted flower heads to give a 3-D effect and bring the cakes to life. To create your own spring cake design, you’ll find a gumpaste daffodil tutorial here.

multi dimensional cake decorating daffodil cakes Spring cakes by the Cake Parlour left and Karla's Little Bakery right

Peach blossoms add a wonderful 3-D design element in the beautiful multi-dimensional floral design from the wonderful Blissfully Sweet Cakes (below left) and to the right, we have a fabulous daisy cake design – perfect for a rustic summer wedding in a garden setting (image via Juxtapost).

multi dimensional cake decorating by Blissfully Sweet Cakes left and via Juxtapost right

A 3-D summer meadow is created in the fabulous vintage cake design below by Cake Central contributor, Bobwonderbuns, in a pretty pastel palette – a superb example of combining multi-dimensional hand painting, royal icing and hand modelled sugar flowers for a 3-D effect.

multi dimensional cake decorating spring garden by Cake Central contributor, Bobwonderbuns

Top Bulgarian cake designer, Bubolinkata never fails to impress with her cake designs and her multi-dimensional summer garden below cake is no exception, with the most vibrant of colours for the ultimate summer-time cake.

multi dimensional cake decorating summer garden cake by Bubolinkata

Update: A last minute addition to our feature – the beautiful work of cake artist, Inga Ruby-Burn of Bella Baking UK arrived on our desk and we just had to include it. The first of three stunning multi-dimensional cake designs from Bella Baking, a beautiful poppy field cake, is featured below.

multi dimensional cake decorating with english cottage garden hollyhocks by Bella Baking

Bella Baking’s outstanding 3-D wisteria cake with a beautiful bird table cake topper below.

mulit dimensional cake decorating wisteria cottage garden cake with birdhouse by Bella Baking UK

And finally, an exquisite hollyhocks English cottage garden design in 3-D by Bella Baking.

multi dimensional cake decorating with english cottage garden hollyhocks by Bella Baking

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