Novelty Christmas Cakes

christmas cake decorating ideas from (left) and Martha Stewart Living (right)

Christmas is a perfect occasion to indulge your novelty cake decorating skills.  Even if you are a cake decorating newbie, it’s a great opportunity to get started with novelty cakes.

Our two feature cakes above are perfect for beginner cake decorators. Above left, we have a beautiful reindeer cake from Feerie Cake in France (left.)  Christmas cookie cutters are used to cut out fondant reindeer and Christmas tree shapes for the side design. Little snowballs add a lovely touch around the cake board.  For the Christmas cake toppers, use a stronger paste like modelling paste to cut out these shapes. You’ll find a selection of Christmas cookie cutters for this cake here: Reindeer & Christmas Tree

Martha Stewart Living has featured the super cute igloo cake above right, a fantastic cake design if you have children in the house.  You can bake your cake in an oven-proof Pyrex bowl to get the perfect igloo shape and avoid having to carve the igloo shape from a standard-shaped cake.

Martha used marshmallows to decorate the outside of the igloo, but an even simpler way to finish your cake would be to use an knife to etch the shape of the blocks into the fondant.

And to make the mischievous little penguins, you’ll find a tutorial here from Cake Journal.

Penguin christmas cakes by Mutlu Dukkan (left) and from Pinterest (right)

We have a whole family of penguins in our next cake (above left) by Turkish cake designers, Mutlu Dukkan. Blue bow ties for the boys and pink hair accessories for the girls bring this arctic family to life.   The little fish swimming under the ice is a cute extra touch too!

Above left, we have another penguin cake design, this time from La Mucca Sbronza Cake Design in Italy (right).  The red and white candy-cane style rope border along the bottom of the cake adds a beautiful festive touch to this cake (see tutorial here: fondant candy canes).

To create a Christmas tree cake topper, you find a selection of tutorials from Judy’s Cakes in lots of different styles.

snowman christmas cake from Bird on A Cake On the left, we have an excellent snowman christmas cake from Bird on A Cake.  It’s a cake design that’s super simple, yet very striking and  effective.  The pale blue frosting is the perfect backdrop to show off the snowmen in all their finery.

Robin from Bird on A Cake uses white chocolate for her snowmen but modelling paste will work just as well. You’ll find the full tutorial for this cake from Bird on A Cake here: snowman novelty Christmas cake. Robin provides a snowman template in the tutorial but if prefer to use a cutter, you’ll find a selection here: Snowman Cutters

We have two adorable 3-D snowman cake toppers below to inspire you also. The sitting snowman on the left is by Tahneelynn on Flickr, with the cake topper on the right from Pinterest

You’ll find a tutorial here from Veena’s Cakes to help you make your own snowman cake topper.

For more on snowflake cakes, see our earlier feature here: Snowflake Wedding Cakes, plus you’ll find a selection of large-sized snowflake cutters here: snowflake cutters

snowman christmas cake by Tahneelynn (left) and from Pinterest (right)

Below left, we have a superb Christmas cake decorating idea from Baking Obsession with Santa emerging from a chimney. The tutorial is available to purchase from Baking Obsession (USD$10.99).

Below right, we have another fabulous novelty Christmas cake, this time from  Il Goloso Mondo di Minu with a comedy reindeer, flat-out after his toy deliveries.

You’ll find a cute Santa and reindeers picture tutorial here and another Santa model tutorial fromhere  Veena’s Art of Cakes.

Christmas cake decorating ideas from Baking (left) and  Il Goloso Mondo di Minu (right)

Finally, we have two beautiful present stack novelty Christmas cakes below from Pinterest (below left) and from Zoe Clark of The Cake Parlour (below right). Zoe has full instructions for this cake in her book: Cake Decorating at Home

For more on making giant lollipops or swirly pops, see our earlier feature: Lollipop Cakes.

present stack christmas cakes from Pinterest (left) and from Zoe Clark via (right)

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