Novelty Christmas Cakes for Children

novelty christmas cakes for children by Cakes for Susan left, Sweet K Cake Design right

If you want to steal some of Santa’s thunder this year, then put your novelty cake making skills to work this christmas and watch your little ones” faces light up with excitement when they see what you’ve created for them. This week we have some of the most magical christmas cakes for children starting with two superb creations by Cakes by Susan, above left and Sweet K Cake Design, right.

Chocolate cake might not be traditional but is always is a big hit so check out this fabulous chocolate snowman cake (below left, image via Pinterest) and the fantastic chocolate Rudolph creation (right) by cake decorator, Patisserie JaJa on Cake Central.

chocolate christmas cakes via Pinterest left and Cake Central right

Santa and his trusty team of reindeers add festive animation to these showpiece christmas cakes below by Lallaby Cakes, Italy left (image by Helly Photography) and via Pinterest (right).

santa and reindeer cakes by Lullaby Cakes, Helly Photography left, and via Pinterest right

Beuatiful owl cut-outs create a “Silent Night” themed chilren’s cake (below left) by Tortentante, while on the right,  John R Titus, created this christmas novelty masterpiece especially for Cake Angels Australia, right.

novelty christmas cakes by Tortentante left, John R Titus, Cake Angels AU, right

A fantastic cartoon snowman cake with exceptional detailing features below by Gina Rouchy of Gina’s Cakes, while on the right, Handi’s Cakes’ marvellous little Santa’s elves stand back and admire their gift wrapping handiwork (sorry Handi……!)

Snowman Cake by Gina's Cakes via Deviant Art left, elf cake by Handi's Cakes right

Muted pastel shades lend a fairy-like quality to these two spectacular christmas novelty cakes by Mary Way in her signature pretty decorating style.

pastel christmas cakes by Mary Way

A wonderfully simple and eye-catching decorating idea features below from with a gallery of reindeers as a side design (left) and on the right, a beautiful handpainted alpine scene is topped with ultra cute teddy bears and their freshly built snowman teddy by Bulgaria’s Bubolinkata Cakes.

novelty christmas cakes from left and Bubolinkata Cakes right

The Minjina Kuhinjica blog features the terrific sliding polar bear tutorial below for a fun, cartoon style christmas cake.

polar bear tutorial via the Minjina Kuhinjica blog

A toy soldier christmas cake surrounded by stacks of Christmas toys and treats makes a wonderful novelty christmas cake by Cakes by Melissa, below.

toy soldier christmas cake by Cakes by Melissa, candyland Christmas cake

Molly Coppini of Pasticci di Molly demonstrates how to create a neatly wrapped fondant christmas gift cake below for her cute elf cake.

christmas gift cake tutorial by Pasticci di Molly

The Cake Fairy, New Jersey have a terrific elf cake topper tutorial here (featured below left), while Wendy’s Taarten, The Netherlands, have designed the gorgeous little elf house (right) in a candyland style.

elf on the shelf cake topper tutorial left, novelty christmas cake by Wendy's Taarten right

Het Bonte Taartje, The Netherlands have also posted a tutorial for their terrific Santa dog cake (below) right here: christmas dog cake tutorial.

novelty christmas cake by Het Bonte Taartje

Miso Bakes show you how to create their super simple and brilliant snowman cake here via The Cake Blog: snowman cake tutorial.

snowman cake by Miso Bakes via The Cake Blog

A snow-covered alpine chalet and christmas trees make a terrific topsy-turvy style novelty cake by Spongecakes Suzebakes (below right), with an adorable little elf house cupcake cake on the right (image via Pinterest). Learn more about decorating giant cupcakes in our feature on Pretty Cupcake Cakes here.

novelty christmas cakes by Spongecakes Suzebakes right and via Pinterest left

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