Lace Wedding Cakes – Pearl Beaded Lace

embellished lace wedding cake by Sweet Love Cake Couture

Delicate lace detailing has long been one of the most sought-after design motifs in wedding cake art but lace styles and techniques continue to evolve in cake decorating.

One of our favourite styles of the moment is lace embellished with pearl beading, creating a stunning, bridal couture finish. Sweet Love Cake Couture capture the beauty of this style exquisitely in their luxurious lace design above, with high shine lustre creating a spectacular canvas for their lace art creation.

Heavily embellished lace is a signature wedding cake design of Sanna’s Tartor, Sweden. No effort is spared in creating the pearl encrusted lace feature tier of their elegant design below, complemented with classic pearl piped garlands.

pearl beaded lace wedding cake by Sannas Tartor

Beautifully framed hand piped lace is set off with minature pearls creating a most elegant silhouette on this dove grey masterpiece, finished with a mixed bouquet of on-trend sugar flowers (below left) by the designers at Happy Hills Cakes.

Judi Delaney adds an extra dimension to edible cake lace by adding some subtle pearl beading in her pretty pink wedding cake design, below right.

beaded lace wedding cakes by Happy Hills Cakes left, Judi Delaney right

Pearl beaded cake lace is topped with a statement oyster sugar peony in the design below right from De La Rosa Cupcakes. While satin ribbon adds a pretty sheen to this aqua beauty and enhances the subtlety of the delicately piped, beaded lace from Cakes by Christine (right).

beaded lace wedding cakes De La Rosa Cupcakes l, Cakes by Christine r

Another of Sanna’s Tartor’s beaded lace masterpieces below, with a pretty, letterpress plaque adding a contemporary, customised touch.

beaded lace wedding cake by Sannas Tartor

Fine lace piping in white enhanced with grey panels and silver beading adds a feminine but modern finish to this silve and blue themed wedding cake by Sweet Bloom Cakes.

embellished lace wedding cake by Sweet Bloom Cakes

Tiny pearls are meticulously set in this beautiful example of lace piping by Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes (below left), while a giant sugar rose with beautiful, curling petals crowns this vintage beaded lace cake design from Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes (below right).

embellished lace by Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes left, Sugar Couture right

Dusty peach lace is embellished with tiny sugar pearls and finished with a botanical style flourish of sugar flowers in the design below left from Happy Hills Cakes, while on the right, Lina Veber sticks with classic white-on-white in her beautifully appliqued floral lace design.

pearl beaded lace cakes by Happy Hills Cakes left, Lina Veber Cake right

Elegant tiers heavily ornamented with pearl beaded lace are the perfect accompaniment to a classic, Grace Kelly-style wedding affair, with the design below right by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.

beaded lace wedding cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

Elegantly piped lace, pearl finishes and lavish, over-sized sugar flowers are the hallmarks of Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes exquisite wedding cakes, including the delicately pearl studded wedding cake below, expertly replicated from a sample of bridal lace supplied by their customer.

pearl beaded lace wedding cake by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes

An astonishingly beautiful display of ultra fine lace piping with tiny pearl embellishments features below by custom wedding cake couturier, Faye Cahill.

pearl beaded lace wedding cake by Faye Cahill

A towering peach themed creation filled with drama combines contemporary ruffles with classic design elements and luxury beading in this statement wedding cake by Miss Couture below.

embellished lace wedding cake by Miss Couture

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