Peeling Layers & Torn Paper Effects in Fondant

torn paper effects fondant frills ruffles by Nevie Pie left & Chef Steph on Cake Central right

Peeling layers and torn paper effects in fondant are a great way to add texture to a wedding cake design, while at the same time creating a beautiful aged effect.  Nevie Pie’s fabulous handpainted floral cake (above left) is a perfect example of how peeling layers can add a intriguing aged look to a design (as featured in Sweet Magazine).

On the right, torn paper effect fondant layers add terrific visual interest to the softly ombred pink floral cake by Cake Central contributor, Chef Steph.

Lace effect stencilling and peeling layers add a hint of faded elegance to the superb wedding cake design below by Oven Art (image by Katherine Stinnett Photography via 100Layer Cake).

peeling layers frills wedding by Oven Art, Katherine Stinnett Photography via 100Layer Cake

Torn sheaves of paper is a favourite design effect of Portuguese designer, T Bakes, with two of their beautiful wedding cake designs in fresh pastels below.

torn paper wedding cakes by T Bakes, Portugal


Overlapping layers and layers of fondant with peeling edges is a signature look of the Megan Joy’s luxurious wedding cake collection, including the blush pink square design below (image by Cara Leonard Photography).

peeling layers wedding cake by Megan Joy, Cara Leonard Photography

Another of Megan’s stunning designs below with gently frilled fondant strips styled as peeling layers giving a beautiful arcadian finish.

peeling layers fondant frills by Megan Joy Wedding Cakes

Makiko Searle of Maki’s Cakes beautifully combines three different shades in a gradient of colour for the soft and stylish ombre cake design below, topped with one of her famed sugar flowers – an oversized statement sugar peony.

torn paper effects in fondant by Makiko Searle of Maki's Cakes


Torn paper effects in lilac and purple ombre are given a dressy touch with pearl beading in the stylish design below (left) by Kitsch Cakes.

Connie Cupcake/The White Cakery have created a wow design below right with dramatic peeling layers adorned with a striking feather composition (image by Krista Fox Photography).

torn paper wedding cakes by Kitsch Cakes left, Connie Cupcake right (Krista Fox Photography)

Fondant frills in two different styles, including peeling layers on the bottom tier, feature in the pink ombred wedding cake design below (second from left) via Innovative Cake Designs.

peeling layers wedding cake via Innovative Cake Designs

An arrangment of climbing roses and foliage adds the perfect finishting touch to the superbly elegant wedding cake design below by Gia’s Cakes Boutique.

peeling layers wedding cake by Gia's Cakes Boutique

Peeling layers of fondant ruffles are arranged in a “collar-like” fashion around each tier in this fabulous design (below left) from Sweet Things by Fi (image by Romance Weddings). On the right, The Fabulous Cake Girls (San Diego) design features dramatically peeling layers in beautiful bridal design.

peeling layers ruffles frills, Sweet Things by Fi, Image by Romance Weddings left, The Fabulous Cake Girls, San Diego right

Torn effects add interesting texture and a stylish design feature to the white and ivory wedding cakes below from Sweet Bloom Cakes (left) and The Pastry Studio (right).

torn paper wedding cake ruffles by Sweet Bloom Cakes left, The Pastry Studio right

Strips of peeling fondant layers makes an eye-catching side design in the  wedding cake below (left) by Have Some Sugar, Portugal with more dramatically peeling layers by Cakes by Krishanthi (below right).

peeling layers wedding cakes by Have Some Sugar, Portugal left, Cakes by Krishanthi right

For more on creating torn paper effects in fondant, check out Cakes by Angela Morrison’s Facebook page where you can purchase her torn paper effects tutorial.

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