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pinata cake with easter bunny inside from zuckerzimtundliebe.wordpress com

Mexican-style “pinata” cakes with sweets hidden inside are a huge hit for children’s parties. For Easter,  Sugar, Cinnamon & Love have created a  fabulous mini Easter surprise cake with a chocolate bunny hidden inside that even us grown-ups would love.

This magical little Easter cake is made by trimming the tops off two cupcakes, scooping out the centres, fiiling them with sweets and a foiled wrapped bunny, then placing one cupcake on top of the other and buttercreaming them together. A geuius little Easter surprise cake!

The pinata craze is even making its mark on wedding cake design this year,  with a pretty pink and gold wedding cake below, filled with sparkling pink sugar pinata-style by Janet Mohapi Banks Cake Design (via B.Loved Weddings, Segerius Bruce Photography).

cake by Janet Mohapi Banks via B.loved Weddings, Chanelle Segerius Bruce Photography

Pastel pink and lavender chocolate pearls make an elegant surprise inside for this ultra girly pinata cake.  You’ll find the full tutorial here from At The Picket Fence: pinata cake tutorial.

pinata cake tutorial from At the Picket Fence  how to make a surprise inside cake

Frilled buttercream piping adds an authentic Mexican finish to the pastel pinata cake below by Cakewalk Bake Shop (via 100 Layer Cakelet Ben Q Photography).

pinata cake surprise inside by Cakewalk Bake Shop via 100 Layer Cakelet, Ben Q Photography

A fun rainbow cake is filled full of brightly coloured M&M sweets for a brilliant children’s birthday cake idea from Hungry Happenings, where you’ll find the full tutorial: pinata cake tutorial/rainbow cake. (Plus, you’ll find more on piping buttercream frills and ruffles in our Buttercream Piping Tutorials here.)

Dark and light blue sweets in different sizes make a pretty co-ordinated surprise inside the pinata cake, below right from Ev Tasarimlari, Turkey.

pinata cake rainbow surprise inside left and right via Ev Tasarimlari, Turkey

A kaleidoscope of colour makes the pinata cake below by Claire K Creations a fun party cake idea and you’ll find the tutorial for this cake here : pinata cake tutorial with multi-coloured rosette piping. (You’ll find more on piping buttercream rosettes in our earlier feature here: Buttercream Piping Part 1How To Pipe Buttercream Roses.)

Pinata cake and tutorial from Claire K Creations

Lollipops, Twix bars and Smarties are all thrown into the mix in this brilliant party pinata cake by A Subtle Revelry, below. You’ll find the full instructions to re-create this cake here: pinata cake tutorial.

Pinata cake with surprise inside by A Subtle Revelry

For grown-ups, summer fruit pinata style cakes go down a treat. You can substitute the sweets with fresh strawberries, raspberries or blueberries for a sophisticated afternoon tea cake, with summer fruit pinata cakes below from Healthfully Ever After (below right) and The Pink Whisk (below left).

berry pinata cake from Healthfully Ever After left and strawberry pinata cake surprise inside cake by The Pink Whisk

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