Pleated Cake Designs

Pleated cakes by Aimee Jane Cake Design left and Created and Captured by Kate right

The pleated cake design is this year’s biggest new trend in couture cake design. It’s clean lines and diagonal geometric patterns are heavily influenced by the revival of interest in Art Deco design, yet it has a modern contemporary edge. It’s a design that works surprising well for both vintage and contemporary style cakes.

We have two beautiful examples above – on the left a vintage styled pleated cake by Aimee Jane Cake Design and on the right a pretty pink design that pairs pleats with ruffles roses by Created and Captured by Miriam. (You’ll find a ruffle rose cake tutorial in our earlier feature here: Ruffle Rose Cakes.)

To create your own pleated cake design, we have three tutorials here:

Up and coming Irish cake designer, Suzanne Brady of Cove Cake Design, Dublin has created the elegant, lady-like design below contrasting a textured, pleated tier against a smooth-iced tier for a beautiful finish.

Pleated cake design by Cove Cake Design, Dublin

Complementary pastel shades of mint and soft pink create a striking colour palette for the pretty cake design below left by Cake Lady Jill (via Ruffled). The diagonal pleats in opposing directions is a beautiful design element, which creates extra interest and movement in the design.

Cakes by Beth have created the chic minature cake design below right, with a whirl of pleats topped with a fondant “doile”. (Photo by Mark Tattersall via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.)

pleated cakes by Cake Lady Jill via Ruffled left and by Cakes by Beth right, photo by Mark Tattersall via Whimsical Wedding Wonderland

One of our top cake design heroes here at Cake Geek, Canada’s The Cake Whisperer have created the stylish, vintage pleated cake design below left contrasting posh pearls and smart pleats in elegant white and ivory tones.

To the right is another beautiful two-tone pastel design this time by Jen’s Cakes (via 100 Layer Cake, image by Hannah Suh Photography).

Pleated cakes by the Cake Whisperer left and by Jen's Cakes via 100Layer Cake right, Hannah Suh Photography

Another pastel beauty by The Cake Whisperer below, incorporating pleated patterns on the diagonal, vertical and horizontal planes for a beautiful multi-textured effect.

pleated wedding cake design in blue pink and lilac pastels by The Cake Whisperer

The UK’s Nightingale Cakes have incorporated a very soft, subtle pleated design on the top tier of their beautiful ice blue cake design below, cascading into an elegant, gathered “V” shape at the front.

Pleated cake design by Nightingale Cakes

Blissfully Sweet Cakes Australia have created the stylish pale pink and grey pleated wedding cake design below incorporating overlapping pleats for an elegant, structural design, paired with an exquisitely ruffled bottom tier in super on-trend wedding cake design.

Pleated cake design with ruffles in pink and grey by Blissfully Sweet Cakes

Pale grey is fast gaining popularity for weddings this year and Sweet On You Cakes, Canada have created this superbly elegant cake design below using contrast to great effect, pairing the straight lines of the pleated top tier with the softly rounded curves of a petal-shaped bottom tier. (Image by Barnett Photography.)

pleated wedding cake in grey by Sweet on You Cakes Canada

The Cake Whisperer also feature the two pleated cake designs below in their wedding cake collection which combine vintage lace accents with smart pleating detail for two very on-trend creative wedding cake designs.

pleated wedding cake designs by The Cake Whisperer

Another pleated beauty with a hint of lace trim, this time by The Graceful Baker (image by Jessica’s Photography via Style Me Pretty).

pleated wedding cake design by The Graceful Baker, by Jessicas via Style Me Pretty

The stunning silver and white masterpiece below is by Jenna Rae Cakes, and was originally designed as a winter wedding cake but with its exquisite sugar flowers it would work just as well for a glamorous summer wedding reception with a silver and white theme. (Image by Victoria Anne Photography ,via Half Baked.) For more on this cake design plus tutorials, see our feature on Edible Sequins Wedding Cakes.

Pleated cake design silver and white wedding cake by Jenna Rae Cakes, image by Victoria Anne Photography

Below, we have a beautiful vintage wedding cake design featuring silver beading and pleated detailing by Cakes by Beth, UK.

Pleated cake design with silver beading vintage wedding cake by Cakes by Beth UK

A luxury gold and ivory colour palette couple with art deco inspired fans feature in the eye-catching pleated cake design below left (via Weddings Unveiled Magazine.)  A string of lady-like pearls and a pretty floral spray add a touch of chic to the horizontally and diagonally-pleated cake design below right (via Save The Date Events).

pleated cake designs via Weddings Unveiled Magazine left and via Save The Date right

Sugar Pot, Australia was one of pioneers of the pleated cake trend and we have one of their finest examples in the outstanding multi-demensional cake design below that also incorporates exquisite handpainted cake art and stunning sugar flower accents.

Pleated cake multi-demensional cake design by Sugar Pot

Clean lines and smart pleats add a touch of sophistication to the beautiful cake designs below with coral accents adding a pretty pop of colour by Sweet and Swanky Cakes (below left, Byron Roe Photography) and via Pinterest (below right).

pleated cakes with coral accents by Sweet and Swanky on Cake Central left with Byron Roe Photography and via Pinterest right

The second of our three exquisite pleated cake designs by Sugar Pot is featured below left, with a stunning arrangement of rustic florals in a “folded edge” pleated design.

Australian cake superstars, Planet Cake created the showstopping pleated wave design cake below right (cake by Rasha Zalghout, with design by Anthony Bullimore).

pleated cake designs by the Sugar Pot left and via Pinterest right

Below left, we have multi-tier pleated wedding cake design by GC Couture and on the right, a stunning cake design texturised with waves and waves of pleats for a truly couture finish by Sweet Charms Cakes.

pleated cake designs via Cake Apothecary left and via Tumblr right

The bespoke navy cake creation below right is magnificent design created again by Sugar Pot (right) and to the left, an intricately pleated cake design in a pink and mulberry palette by The City View Bakehouse.

Pleated wedding cake designs by Sugar Pot right and via Pinterest left


Learn the secrets of translating haute couture into cake design with The Caketress, Lori Hutchinson in her latest class on Craftsy: Chic Techniques for Couture Designs.

Lori Hutchinson cake design tutorial on Craftsy

For more on pleated cakes, cake design expert Marsha Winbeckler teaches the class below on Craftsy here: Fondant Ruffles, Pleats, and Drapes Tutorial.

Pleated cakes tutorial on Craftsy by Marsha Winbeckler

(For more on art deco cake designs, see our earlier feature: Art Deco Wedding Cakes.)

Also, check out Jessica Harris’ textured effects tutorial here to learn how to create the four fabric effect designs below plus lots more textured effects in fondant. Find out more here: Elegant Techniques with Jessica Harris.

ruffles tutorial and fabric effects by Jessica Harris

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