Ruffle Rose Cakes

Ruffle rose cakes from Jen's Cakery (left) and Bake-a-Boo NZ (right

Ruffle rose cakes are a huge trend in cake decorating this year, especially in wedding cake design with ruffled fabrics featuring in so many of the bridal collections. It’s a design trend that works great not just as a side design, which our beautiful wedding cake example by Jen’s Cakery shows above, but also as a cake top design for single tier cakes.  The very talented designer Elina Prawito of Bake-a-Boo Cakes & Cupcakes in New Zealand has created the superb cake (above left). It is one of those fantastic cake designs that works wondefully for lots of occasions. The ribbon bow peeping out from under the sugar flower is a beautiful finishing touch.

Below, we have a very pretty ballerina themed party with cake design by Sweet Bloom Cakes which incorporates soft pink fondant ruffle roses for a tutu effect. (Image via TomKat Studio)

fondant ruffles cake for a ballerina party by Sweet Bloom Cakes via TomKat Studio with styling by My Little Jedi

We have two more beautiful examples of ruffle rose cakes by Anna Elizabeth Cakes (below left) and ruffle rose cake top by I Am Baker (below right).

ruffle rose cake by Anna Elizabeth Cakes (left) and ruffle rose cake top by the  I Am Baker blog (right)

An exquisite wedding cake design with lace and ruffles by The Rooney Girl Bakeshop via Style Unveiled, below.

ruffle rose wedding cake lace and ivory by The Rooney Girl Bakeshop via Style Unveiled

While the ruffle rose design may look intricate and difficult to achieve, it’s quite simple to create. It does however take some time to complete an entire tier in ruffles if you are using it as a side design. We have a great tutorial here from which features the cake below left, and a tutorial from Wilton featuring the cake below right.

The ruffle rose design simply involves rolling out long strips of either modelling paste or flower paste (gumpaste), frilling one edge of each strip with a ball tool, then attaching the strips to the cake in a circular pattern like a flower.  Some cake designers work from the centre out, whilst others prefer to start with the outline and work inwards – it’s a matter of personal preference.

Ruffle rose cake tutorials from MyCake (left) and Wilton (right)

The cake designs below are two super chic examples of the ruffle rose design, both of which also incorporate a touch of luxury with silver accents. The “Vera Wang” wedding cake (below left) is by one of our favourite cake designers, Yummy Cupcakes (Australia), while the cake below right is an exquisite and unique design by Cheryl’s Cake Boutique (UK) with jewelled beading expertly created with silver and pearl dragees.

Ruffle rose cakes from Yummy Cupcakes & Cake (Aus) and Cheryl's Cake Boutique (right)

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