Ruffle Wedding Cakes – Petal Ruffles

petal ruffle wedding cakes from Sweet Bloom Cakes left and Cotton and Crumbs right

Ruffle wedding cakes are one of the most in-demand wedding cake designs this year and come in many different styles.  Today we are featuring one of our favourite style ruffle wedding cakes – petal ruffles. (See tutorials at the end of the feature.)

We have two superb examples above – from Australian wedding cake designers, Sweet Bloom Cakes (above left) and from vintage cake couturiers, Cotton and Crumbs, (above right). It’s a style of cake that works both with vintage lace accents, as in the Cotton & Crumbs designs above, or with smooth fondant and a floral arrangement, as showcased by the elegant design below from Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes.

Below right, we have a second petal ruffles design by Sugar Bloom Cakes – with a beautiful texturised two-tier cake covered entirely in blush pink petal ruffles for an inovative cake design.

petal ruffle wedding cakes by Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes left and by Sugar Bloom Cakes right

There are many ways to arrange petal ruffles on a cake. Two of the simplest are: softly ruffled as in the example below left (image by Bentinmarcs Photography via Style Me Pretty) or more tightly ruffled, as in the stylish mint and silver cake design below right, again by Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes.

petal ruffles wedding cakes image left by Bentinmarcs Photography via Style Me Pretty, cake right by Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes

 The Cake Whisperer have created the beautiful peach ombre petal ruffle cake below using clusters of overlapping petals for a luxuriant design.

You’ll find a tutorial for this style of overlapping petal ruffles here from he Bloom Cake Company: petal ruffle cake tutorial.

petal ruffles cake peach ombre birthday cake by The Cake Whisperer

Our second design from The Cake Whisperer below features petal ruffles arranged diagonally on the bottom tier, edged with tiny piped pearls to enhance the delicate design.

petal ruffles wedding cake by The Cake Whisperer, Canada

Extra frilling can be added to petals to give an enhanced ruffle effect with pink petals paired with duck egg blue and lattice detailing in the vintage cake design below by Canada’s, Sweet on You Cakes.

petal ruffles cake vintage blue and pink by Sweet on You Cakes

Sharon Wee, has created one of the most beautiful petal ruffle wedding cakes in her “Royal Wedding Cake” design, the top two tiers of which feature below left, showcasing an exquisite pairing of piped lace and petal ruffles, topped with sugarcrafted peonies.

Below left, Sweet Bloom Cakes have designed another terrific petal ruffle cake, again incorpating mixed textures – buttercream piped petals on the bottom tier with fondant ruffled petals on the top tier.

Petal ruffle cakes by Sharon Wee Creations left and by Sweet Bloom Cakes right

Scottish wedding cake designer, Suzanne Esper has created a fabulous petal ruffle wedding cake design below in classic ivory with black accents. Beautiful sugarcrafted anemones offset to the side add a sophisticated final flourish.

petal ruffle wedding cake by Little Miss Fairy Cake, Scotland

Old world piping and petal ruffles add up to make for a wow wedding cake design from Australia’s Yummy Cakes and Cupcakes with Patricia Hardjopranoto’s signature lustre finish that makes her wedding cakes so sought after.

petal ruffles wedding cake with vintage piping by Yummy Cakes and Cupcakes

Blissfully Sweet Cakes have created the beautiful petal ruffle wedding cake below left in an exquisite colour palette of stylish taupe, beige, pearl and white, with a softly textured top tier.

Finally, an elegant petal ruffle wedding cake in champagne and white with vintage gold beaded motifs by the brilliant Coco Cakes, Australia.

petal ruffle wedding cake ombre beige by Blissfully Sweet Cakes left and image right via Tumblr

To help you make your own ruffle cake, we have some tutorials here to help you starting with a video petal ruffles cake tutorial by My Girls Cake Shop (as featured below).

petal ruffles cake tutorial by My Girls Cake Shop

Charlotte Emily Cakes (formerly Let’s Eat Cake) have put together the quick reference petal ruffle tutorial below.

petal ruffle cake tutorial by Charlotte Emily Cake Design (formerly Let's Eat Cake)

With another picture tutorial on how to create fondant petal ruffles from the Bloom Cake Company below.

petal ruffle cake tutorial by Bloom Cake Design

Advertisement: To learn how to create beautifully textured petal ruffle cakes and more fabric inspired designs, check out Marina Sousa’s cake class on Craftsy: Creating Designer Textures in Fondant.

Texture tutorials with Marina Sousa

Readers might also be interested in Jessica Harris’ textured effects tutorial where you’ll learn how to create the four fabric effect designs below plus lots more textured effects in fondant.

ruffles tutorial and fabric effects by Jessica Harris

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